How To Treat Anxiety Without Anti-Depressant Drugs

How To Treat Anxiety Without Anti-Depressant Drugs


Everyone experiences anxiety on various levels. Anxiety is a natural body feeling for every human being. Anxiety is a feeling of apprehension about what may happen next. There is nothing to worry about because it doesn’t happen the way you assume it to happen most of the time. How to treat anxiety may be a question to you. But there are natural anxiety supplements that are available to treat anxiety. 

Anxiety can have an impact on your daily life. You may experience sudden heartbeats, you may experience a fear of something, and you may fear something wrong may happen and start panicking. You may experience butterflies in your stomach too. But it all depends on the situation and the person experiencing it. Here is the description of what does anxiety feel like and how to overcome it. There are natural remedies for anxiety and depression. 

Symptoms of anxiety 

There are multiple symptoms that you can feel. Not all signs can strike at you once. These symptoms below can be recurring over some time. You will need to assess yourself once, and perhaps you may even try an anxiety test. Some of the common symptoms of anxiety are –

  • Feeling nervousness constantly 
  • Having a feeling of apprehension of a future event 
  • Sweating and trembling during nervous situations
  • Losing your breath
  • Heart racing
  • Feeling fearful, tired, and weak 
  • Losing your concentration constantly

Can anxiety be cured?

The answer is yes; anxiety can be cured. You may wonder how to treat anxiety. You may go to a doctor to find out what is wrong with you. The doctor may hear your problems and give you instant relief by prescribing you medicines and drugs. This can relax and relieve you for some time. However, this can be addictive if used for a long time. Natural remedies are known to be the best cure. 

How to treat anxiety?

Anxiety can be treated using medicines and drugs. But using medicines and drugs prescribed by doctors can be addictive when used over a long period. Stress or anxiety can be treated quickly; do not panic, as this will make it even worse. Instead, try natural remedies for your anxious feelings. Practicing some methods daily can improve your overall health too.

How to treat anxiety naturally?

There are different ways anxiety can be treated. If you go to a doctor, he may prescribe you medicines and other drugs to treat your disorder. But there are also natural remedies for anxiety and depression that you can try. Some of the different natural remedies or methods are – 

Get regular exercise

Exercising daily improves your health and your physical body. It is suitable for both your physical and emotional health. Playing a sport for working out at the gym can reduce your anxiety. Make sure you are getting enough exercise every day. This is one way how to treat anxiety.

Even a simple walk can reduce your anxiety. It would help if you tried walking and breathing slowly when you start feeling anxious. Walking can help reduce this feeling of dread. You will feel relaxed after the walk. You can put on your earphones, listen to music and walk for a while around your house as well. You should take control of your anxiety, and if you don’t hit me, it will significantly impact your quality of life.

Stop drinking alcohol

Alcohol sedates your body. Drinking alcohol can bring the worst anxiety ever. Initially, you will feel relaxed and euphoric. This is because our body tends to release endorphins when we drink alcohol. But after some time, the anxiety starts to kick in, and this can become worse. It may also bring other mental health disorders. Once you get addicted to this, you will begin to depend on alcohol daily. Try to stop alcohol consumption and treat the root of your anxiety issue.

Quit smoking

You may see a lot of people smoking cigarettes. During stressful times cigarettes can indeed be a quick fix. But cigarettes pose a massive risk to your health and wellbeing. Anxiety may worsen over time, and you may not even notice this. In addition, you may develop other health complications and issues when you start smoking cigarettes. You may feel relaxed smoking a cigarette because nicotine releases dopamine. But this relief is temporary.

You may tend to get addicted to cigarettes and also develop anxiety. Quitting cigarettes for you may be hard after long-term usage. Quitting cigarettes can be beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing.


Meditation is one of the best remedies for your anxiety attacks. Meditation brings a sense of calmness to your mind and makes you more aware of the present moment. In one way, meditation can help you in removing constant chaotic thoughts. Meditating at least for about 15 to 20 minutes a day can help you in unimaginable ways. 

Your stress and anxiety will be relieved very quickly when you practice meditation daily. Over some time, with regular practice, your anxiety may even disappear.

Deep breathing 

Just like meditation which involves deep breathing, just breathing slowly and deeply can reduce your anxiety. Practicing deep breaths can restore standard breathing patterns. To stay in the present moment, the easiest way is to take deep breaths. It is a natural way of calming your system down.

Deep breathing can also reduce your stress and make your mind clearer. It can clear out unwanted thoughts too. So you can treat anxiety and reduce the feeling eventually.

Get good sleep 

Sleeping is one of the best cures for most of your problems. This is not sarcastic. Sleeping is known to relax your body and mind and make you feel more energetic. But, it’s not just sleeping that will make you feel good. It’s about getting quality sleep. Not sleeping properly and not maintaining a daily routine can cause sleep deprivation. This is also called insomnia. 

Making your sleep your priority and building the pattern around your sleep schedule can improve your health. In addition, maintaining a daily schedule for your sleep can help you reduce your anxiety. For example, you can get quality sleep by keeping your room dark, avoiding using your phone or computer just before sleeping, and avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine.

Eat healthily

Just getting good sleep is not enough for your body and mind. A lot goes into your health, both physical and mental, through your food consumption habits as well. Eating a well-balanced meal can bring a lot of changes. Including greens, fruits, and vegetables in your diet can bring about the change.

Eating junk food and processed food can cause harm to your body. You may not notice it, but it will cause mood changes. Reducing your sugar consumption can also bring about an impact on your temperament. Eating healthy can reduce your anxiety and improve your overall health.

Avoid caffeine 

If you have regular anxiety attacks, it is best to avoid caffeine. Caffeine will make you feel nervous, which is not suitable for your anxiety. Try avoiding caffeine for some time and then stop it completely. It will significantly bring changes and will improve your anxiety disorder. Caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea, soft drinks, and energy drinks must be avoided when you feel anxious and have an anxiety issue.

Caffeine can stimulate your fight or flight response system, and this makes anxiety worse. Abruptly quitting caffeine can be equally dangerous. Start by reducing your caffeine intake daily and then eventually stop.

Sound therapy 

Sound therapy is an experience that can improve your mental health and wellbeing. Sound therapy can involve playing an instrument, singing along to the music, clapping, and listening to music. Listening to music has consistently elevated minds and can make you feel relaxed. Music is known to reduce stress, decrease depression, and improve memory. It can also heal your anxiety disorders.

This therapy uses different types of sounds to improve your mental health. One of the best sound therapy instruments is the singing bowl. You can go to therapy sessions or use this at your home.

What is the most effective treatment for anxiety? 

One cannot describe a one fit for all treatment for anxiety. Each person experiences situations differently, and you cannot treat everyone with the same treatment. Instead, there are multiple ways, as discussed, that you can try and find relief. Most people believe meditation is the most effective treatment for anxiety. This is so because it can bring a balance in your life, body, and mind.


It doesn’t matter if your anxiety is mild or worse; starting treatment will make you feel instantly better. Anxiety can be treated without prescription medicines. Instead, you can explore natural remedies and treatments to reduce stress. Practicing some of the methods daily can make you feel better over time and balance your life. These effective natural remedies for anxiety issues can bring a balance in your body and mind as well. Of course, keeping yourself occupied daily can help you too. 

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