Top 10 Solar Energy Companies in India

solar energy companies

If you consider yourself eco-friendly and appreciate renewable energy sources, look no further than the sun. It is an endless storehouse of clean energy, and the earth gets plenty. There are plenty of solar panel firms whose products provide reliable alternatives to traditional sources of electricity. The following firms are the top 10 solar energy companies in India.

  1. Tata Power Solar Systems:

Tata Power Solar Systems
solar energy companies

Tata Power Solar Systems Limited is one the first of the top 10 solar energy company in India. It was established in 1989 and can produce 1100 Megawatts of solar panels and models. 

They are market leaders in the residential and commercial segments. Their product portfolio includes on-grid and off-grid solar systems, water pumps, and solar RO systems.

  1.  Vikram Solar:

Vikram Solar
solar energy companies

Vikram Solar Limited came into existence in 2006, with Mr Gyanesh Chaudhary at the helm of affairs. Their expertise is mainly in manufacturing solar photovoltaic (PV) modules. They also provide engineering, procurement, and construction services.

In 2015, they commissioned a 10 KW floating solar plant in Calcutta and a 1 Gigawatt solar panel manufacturing unit, helping Vikram Solar cement its place among the top 10 solar energy company in India.

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  1.  Waaree Energies:

Waaree Energies
solar energy companies

Waaree Energies Limited is the flagship company of the Waaree group actively involved in the manufacture of solar panels. It was founded in 1989 in Gujarat, and its plants in Surat and Umbergaon have a combined solar panel manufacturing capacity of 2 Gigawatts. 

They are in 380 locations across India and 20 countries worldwide, earning it a spot among India’s top 10 solar energy companies.

  1.  Adani Green Energy:

 Adani Green Energy solar energy companies

Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL) is a subsidiary of the Adani Group – one of India’s largest energy corporations. AGEL manufactures PV models and provides EPC solutions, and it boasts a project portfolio of nearly 14,000 Megawatts.

Mundra in Gujarat’s Kutch district is home to AGEL’S largest solar panel manufacturing facility, deserving mention among India’s top 10 solar energy companies.

  1.  EMMVEE Photovoltaic Power Pvt Ltd

 EMMVEE Photovoltaic Power Pvt Ltd
solar energy companies

As the name suggests, EMMVEE has been into manufacturing PV models and Solar Power Heaters since 2007. It is based in Bangalore and is reputed for its cost-effective yet high-quality products for retail and institutional clients.

  1.  RenewSys India:

RenewSys India

RenewSys India Private Limited is a subsidiary of the ENPEE group of companies. RenewSys is present across three cities in India – Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Patalganga with a total capacity of 7 Gigawatts of PV Modules. 

RenewSys, India’s only integrated solar manufacturer, deserves a place among the top solar energy companies as it markets its products to over 40 countries worldwide.

  1.  Loom Solar:

Loom Solar

Since its inception in 2018, Loom Solar has grown to bag the title of one of India’s fastest growing and top 10 solar energy companies. Within a few short years, it has gained a strong foothold in the solar panel business and is a popular choice among retail and institutional consumers. 

  1.  Goldi Solar:

Goldi Solar

Goldi Solar is a highly respected name among India’s top 10 solar energy companies.  They are a leading MNC firm providing EPC services with headquarters in Surat, Gujarat. The worldwide presence stretches across 20 countries, from the USA to countries like Germany, Greece and Croatia. 

  1.  Premier Solar PowerTech: 

Premier Solar PowerTech

Premier Solar is another of the top 10 solar energy companies in India. The firm excels at providing solutions through its engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) model. Their primary focus is on the manufacture of solar cells and modules.

Since its founding in 1995, they have ventured into more than 30 nations across Europe, Africa and Asia. 

  1.  Sova Solar:

 Sova Solar

Since its founding in 2008, Sova Solar Limited has experienced stratospheric growth in India – thanks to its dedication to sustainable energy. They are well known for their quality on-grid and off-grid solar systems. 


Thanks to the world’s focus on replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources for everything from cars to generating electricity, firms involved in manufacturing solar panels have a bright future.

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