Top 10 automobile companies in India 2023

Top 10 automobile companies in India

From catering to the middle-class requirements of automobiles to satisfying the luxury car needs of the people, the automobile companies in India have been doing their best jobs in pleasing the customers. They have been following strategies to prove their mettle in the competitive world of car production. Furthermore, these top 10 companies have made it to the top position in automobile production. In this article, we will see details about the same.

10 Automobile companies in India 

Car making industry of India has been the strongest pillar of the Indian economy. They have always ensured that the same foundation is upright through their incredible contributions. Let’s discuss the top 10 automobile companies in India that have made it big and made the pillar upright always:

  • Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki automobile companies in India

One of the finest automobile companies in India, Maruti Suzuki, came into being in 1981. It was a joint-strategic partnership between Maruti Udyog limited and Suzuki motor corporation. Affordability and great mileage have been the hallmark of Maruti Suzuki’s success in the automobile manufacturing industry. 

  • Hyundai Motors

Hyundai Motors automobile companies in India

Hyundai motors is another most popular car manufacturing company in India. A South Korean multinational automobile company. Hyundai motors have established its name in the Indian automobile manufacturing industry. Cars with first-in-class features and different than usual designs are what they stand for. 

  • Tata Motors

Tata Motors automobile companies in India

Tata motors are an indigenous car-making company known for robust and bold cars. With an aggressive marketing strategy, excellent fuel economy, and a powerful engine, Tata motors have become one of the best automobile companies in India.

  • Toyota 

automobile companies in India toyota

A Japanese car manufacturing company, Toyota became the household name in India with its multi-purpose usage, lower prices, and good engine cars. 

  • Kia motors

automobile companies in India KIA moters

Another South Korean automobile manufacturer, Kia Motors, is the latest entrant in the Indian automobile market. Powerful and latest features and the fine-tuned engine has made Kia the most popular car manufacturing company in India. 

  • Skoda

automobile companies in India Skoda

Skoda is a German car maker that has made its place in the Indian automobile manufacturing market. High fuel efficiency at an affordable price is the strategy of the best car manufacturing company.

  • Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz

Another most popular German car manufacturing company in India is the Mercedes Benz. Safety and excellent performance have been the key highlights of their cars. 

  • Volkswagen


Volkswagen is also a German multinational automotive company that owns half the car manufacturing companies in the world. Volkswagen India offers comfortable cars with refined aesthetics. A strategy followed by the company. 

  • Honda 

Honda logo

Honda is a popular Japanese car manufacturing company that came to India in 1995. They have been focusing on offering everything from fuel efficiency to comfort and classy designs. 

  • Renault


Renault is another most popular car manufacturing company in India based in France. Affordability and performance are the two main aspects of the automotive company.

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Overall, these are the top 10 automobile companies in India that have dominated the Indian automobile market. 

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