Top 10 Timber Companies in India

timber companies

Timber or Lumber is quite in demand due to its versatile properties. It is used for making furniture, building material, and fuel and is a 100% renewable resource and ecologically safe. 

Here are the top timber companies in India. 

  1. Sarkar Plywood 

Established in 1995 in Surat, Gujarat, Sarkar Plywood delivers high-quality products while supporting various environmental concerns including forest conservation and pollution control. Some of their products include plywood, rubber wood, and marine plywood. 

  1. Pukharaj Timber Traders

Founded in 1975 in Indore, Pukharaj Timber Traders is one of the leading wholesale suppliers of teak wood, imported sagwan, marnti wood, and German pine wood in Madhya Pradesh. They are known for their excellent track record of customer satisfaction. 

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  1. Singla Timbers

Founded in 1993, Singla Timbers is headquartered in Punjab and has branch offices in various states. Initially, the company distributed Indian hardwood procured from Assam and, within a decade, established a strong base in North India. Some of its products include African Wood, Solomon Wood, and Malaysian Wood. 

  1. Jalaram Saw Mill 

Incorporated in 2001 in Tamil Nadu, Jalaram Saw Mill is famous for being a leading sawmill and importer of numerous types of timbers. The company imports from countries like Colombia, Brazil, and Nigeria and has a wide variety of products such as Sudan Teak, Silver Wood, and Pine Wood. 

  1. Kundan International 

Established in 1971, Kundan International Private Limited is one of the biggest importers of timber in India. Headquartered in New Delhi, they specialize in handling wood properly along the journey while supplying superior-quality timber, earning their product a reputation for strength, durability, and longevity. Their wide range includes sawn timber, round logs, and rough square blocks. 

  1. Faith Lumber 

Established in 2012 in New Delhi, Faith Lumber sells an extensive range of wood species, products, and materials. The business has a staff renowned for their professional demeanor, clearly defined processes-based production, and trustworthy dealings dating back over 20 years. 

  1. Century Plyboards

Established in 1986 in West Bengal, Century Plyboards is the largest producer of multipurpose plywood products in India. They predominantly cater to interior designers and the variety of their plywood include boiling waterproof plywood, marine grade plywood, and commercial grade plywood. 

  1. Typical Teak 

Located in Kozhikode, Kerala, Typical Teak is a prominent Indian supplier of Kerala Forest Produce, selling in the most important wooden markets in India and soon expanding to the global market. Their products include Rosewood, Nilambur Teakwood, Ramavarma Teakwood, Konni Teak Wood, and other quality jungle woods. 

  1. Augustin Wooden Products

Established in Tamil Nadu with nuclear operations in Chennai, Augustin Wooden Products is a leading manufacturer and supplier of teak wooden doors, frames, shutters, and interior products. Many of the commercial buildings in Chennai are crowned by their diverse range of timber. 

  1. MA Woodwork

Headquartered in Mumbai, MA, Woodwork is a family-managed company. It has twelve locations and produces advanced solid wood solutions. High-quality solid wood products and wood fuel composites are ensured through responsible handling of the raw materials. Their products include Plywood, Pine Wood, Wooden Packaging, and Cargo.

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