Delivering sustainable, nature-based products through WOW Skin Science founder Manish Chowdhary

wow skin science founder Manish Chowdhary

The modern-day consumer has grown a consciousness towards sustainability and ethical shopping, and it seems like the team over at WOW Skincare has cracked the formula of dealing within the realm of skincare in India. The brand majorly bases itself on organic and natural products that are not only different from its counterparts but also adhere to the principle of sustainability. While many other brands are trying to follow suit, it is important to acknowledge the brilliance of Manish Chowdhary, the founder of WOW Skincare. 

WOW Skincare has engulfed the beauty world by storm because of its unique yet sustainable products. The company’s marketing strategy is working wonders, as it has hired renowned Bollywood actors and homegrown influencers that have nothing but praise for the brand. WOW Skin Science founder, Manish Chowdhary and his brother, Karan, have exhibited an excellent vision for the company, as the business model is mostly reliant on digital e-commerce platforms that only further the firm’s idea of skincare that is sustainable and eco-friendly. 

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In a market flooded with products left, right, and centre, Manish Chowdhary’s company is engaging with a highly lucrative model. In the year 2021, it raised $50 million from a private equity firm for which it offered a significantly small stake in the business. The products have gained a devoted consumer base which has allowed the WOW Skin science founder and his company to sell his products internationally. As of today, WOW Skincare is sold in over 50,000 stores in India and more than 3,000 stores in the U.S., multi-giant, Walmart, apart from the various e-commerce platforms where it is available. The revenue is expected to see a total of 60% rise in net revenue in the fiscal year of 2023, which showcases not only the popularity of the product but also the emerging habits of the consumers. 

What seems to be going differently for WOW Skincare is its application-based and research-backed products that suit a diverse consumer base because of its nature-infused and environmentally friendly idea. Manish Chowdhary has talked about how he saw a trend of homegrown, indigenous brands trying to dominate the market space which helped him envision and scale his brand. The founder of the company has time and again refrained from the usage of harsh chemicals and one of the most unethical and harmful ingredients is that the industry is based on- mineral oil. Moreover, through his innovative and informed decisions for the company, Manish Chowdhary has turned a considerable amount of society into conscious buyers who check the ingredients before they make a purchase. 

All in all, it is brilliant how a relatively new skincare brand that has taken years of research and scientific study to form has created a storm in the Indian market today. The way the team over at WOW addresses its counterparts should be studied in business schools, as even though it works actively on facets like marketing, customer feedback, etc. The revenue model is only subject to massive growth in the future. The brand has a catalog of over 200 beauty and wellness products that carry a feel-good aspect with them, thus ultimately setting a standard for the industry to follow.

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