Matching Vibes- From Kanika Gupta, YourSpex Founder

yourspex founder

Eyewear is an unusual object. It is challenging to come up with another item in our society that is both a fashion piece and a medical instrument. The optic industry has worked hard to ensure that we receive a 20/20 vision through their products and look good while doing so. 

YourSpex is a venture started by Kanika Gupta and Vivek Gupta as a means to provide affordable yet superior quality eyewear products to the people. YourSpex operates under a distinctive concept that combines fashion, sustainability, and cost, giving customers the pleasure of selecting premium designs and styles. The brand is backed by GKB Eye Care and currently has 20,000 customers, which is expanding tremendously.

The idea for a sustainable eyewear brand started when Vivek Gupta noticed that despite the fact that there is still a lot of untapped potential in the industry, people are buying eyeglasses that they frequently change due to a lack of attraction and evolving trends. After earning his degree from Harvard Business School, he developed the concept of offering stylish accessories, sunglasses, and contact lenses in the marketplace at reasonable prices. Supported by Kanika Gupta YourSpex Founder , they came up with an innovative company that tackled the various issues of the industry. 

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The user experience was largely disregarded by the optic industry during the fitting and selection processes. YourSpex founders recognized a huge technological opportunity to address these problems. With its cutting-edge facial Tryon technology and a unique suggestion engine that gives you the best-fitting glasses, sunglasses, and lenses in a flash, the company hopes to upend the eyewear industry. The brand’s goal is to provide customers with an exceptional offline and online experience by offering cutting-edge designs at an economical cost without sacrificing workmanship, quality, or longevity. The business now makes use of technology to give customers an AI-driven digital purchasing experience. The AI algorithm assures proper fits in addition to suggesting the eyewear that looks the finest. Their unique technology also captures the facial data points to recommend the best-suited frames for each customer. 

Within three months, the startup has reached over 1 million consumers who have tested its AI platform. After the pandemic began, they developed special “Home Try-On” and “Eye Check-Up” camps that let customers select the best eyewear and eye care in the comfort of their homes or workplaces. Users have the option to choose from more than 100 styles of spectacles and sunglasses. The GKB Group, which runs its very own superior Rx and Digital international standard Labs in NCR, provides the brand with its strength. It has about 50 years of experience in the eyewear industry. The top-notch infrastructure also serves markets in Australia, the Middle East, the United States, and Europe. 

What sets YourSpex apart from other famous optic brands is its ability to offer high-quality, stylish variations of products at reasonable prices. Their vision is to aspire to a unique customer experience that modulates the need for prescription spectacles and emphasizes fashion and design.

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