Zara Perumal: Crafting a Cybersecurity Symphony

Zara Perumal

Zara Perumal, the expert in cybersecurity, leads the charge with Overwatch Data, focusing on more than just protecting data—it’s about defending our digital frontiers.

Join Zara’s journey from working at Google’s Threat Analysis Group to steering Overwatch Data, unveiling a new era of cyber resilience and threat intelligence.

Starting as a software engineer at Google’s Threat Analysis Group, Zara Perumal was intrigued by the idea of sharing her expertise with the public. The opportunity came from Arjun Bisen, a colleague at Google, with a proposal that went beyond typical cybersecurity efforts.

Their mission was clear: use Google’s machine learning capabilities to create a platform that not only decodes geopolitical landscapes but also makes a real-world impact. And so, Overwatch Data was born.

The trio—Zara, Arjun, and Tad Mielnicki—pioneered Overwatch Data, an open-source data intelligence haven. Their canvas extended across news, social media, deep web recesses, and the unpredictable terrain of natural disasters.

Their motive: unearthing digital risks and opportunities on a global canvas. The inception, however, wasn’t just a call to innovation but a response to the escalating need for transparency in the face of cyber threats.

Zara Perumal – Role as CTO

Taking on the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Zara directed Overwatch Data’s rise with visionary artistry.

Her canvas extended beyond cyber threats, encompassing executive protection intricacies, financial fraud maneuvers, natural disasters’ exploitation, ethnic tensions’ escalation, and the ominous dance of cyber attacks on critical infrastructures.

For Zara, it was a symphony of interpretation, where every digital nuance spoke the language of online or digital risk.

AI’s Crucial Overture

At the heart of Overwatch’s symphony was artificial intelligence (AI), a crucial element for navigating the vast expanse of data. Zara explained, “There’s so much data—more than any person can process.

So we use AI to cut through the noise, identify risks, and make it actionable, relevant, and personalized.” In the ever-evolving AI landscape, Overwatch Data harnessed its power not just to identify threats but to ensure a finely tuned, nuanced understanding of each digital event.

Acknowledging AI as the Future

Recognizing AI as the future’s platform, Zara also acknowledges its dual nature—a tool that, if misused, could bring harm. Overwatch Data stands as a digital fortress, using AI on the defensive front.

The platform streamlines analysis, synthesizes data, and interprets information to empower decision-makers, providing the insights needed to safeguard their infrastructure.

With her background at Google, Zara seamlessly integrated Google technologies into Overwatch’s arsenal. The Latino Founders Fund added a new dimension, providing not just funding but a network of mentorship and community support.

Zara found comfort in a community that understood the shared challenges of building something significant, fostering a collaborative spirit that went beyond the typical founder’s isolation.

Journey, Legacy, and What Lies Ahead

Reflecting on her journey, Zara shares a narrative rooted in personal and professional milestones. Her grandmother’s legacy, a testament to resilience and the pursuit of education, echoes in Zara’s daily pursuits.

Professionally, she faced challenges of being unseen—a minority, a woman, and queer. Yet, under Zara’s leadership, Overwatch Data defies the odds, emerging not just as a technological marvel but as a beacon of representation.

As Overwatch Data etches a saga that marries innovation with defense, Zara’s vision of the “Netflix of enterprise risk” resonates with confidence.

In the ever-shifting sands of cybersecurity, Overwatch Data stands as a testament to Zara’s vision—a vision that transcends bytes and codes, aiming for a safer and more secure digital world.

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