Airtel v/s Jio, which is better in 2023

airtel vs jio

The Telecom industry has played a pivotal role in contributing its market share to the development of the Indian economy. Airtel and Jio have been top telecommunication companies in the telecom industry. However, when it comes to Airtel v/s Jio, the latter is more preferred in terms of the mobile service provider. In this article, we will see the comparison between Airtel and Jio by covering all the important aspects.

Which is better? Airtel or Jio

Both Airtel and Jio are top telecom providers in India. But to know which is better, we need to know the following aspects:

Airtel v/s Jio market share

Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio are known for investing large amounts in the market share. Airtel has invested 29.72% in the market share and Jio around 35.43%. This makes Jio more dominant in the telecom market. However, in 2021 Airtel has over 1.7% growth compared to Jio with 0.48%. 

Airtel v/s Jio prepaid plans

The prepaid plans of Airtel start from Rs 19 to Rs 6999 and, for the Jio its, from Rs 10 to Rs 5751. Unlimited calls, subscriptions to streaming platforms, 3G, and 4G internet services are the highlights of these plans. The best-prepaid plans under Airtel are; Rs 719 for 84 days with a 1.5GB internet plan. Prepaid plans of Jio are Rs 719 for 84 days with a 2 GB internet plan, unlimited voice calls, subscriptions to all Jio apps. As you can see, these are the prepaid plans of Airtel v/s Jio. Even though there is no difference between both mobile service providers, the benefits of Airtel are much more than that of Jio.

Airtel v/s Jio postpaid plans

The postpaid plans of Airtel start from Rs 999. It has unlimited free calls with 150 GB 3G or 4G data plans and Amazon prime, Disney hot star subscriptions. Jio has a postpaid plan of Rs 999 plan with a 200 GB data plan. Furthermore, subscriptions of Amazon Prime and Netflix. 

Airtel v/s Jio speed

The next aspect that we are covering is internet speed. Jio was rated the lowest mobile operator in 2020 as the internet download speed was much less than that of Airtel, and Airtel was the second-fastest telecom company. However, in 2021 Airtel became the fastest operating mobile operator with 20-25 Mbps speed which is more than Jio. 

Airtel v/s Jio business solutions 

Business solutions are a must for the Indian corporate world. The telecom giants Airtel and Jio are the most sought after among the other business solutions providers. The Jio provides monthly business bundles starting from Rs 1201. On the other hand, Airtel provides corporate plans starting from Rs 299 per month. 

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Overall, both Airtel and Jio are the best telecom giants in India with great speed, Business plans, and regular plans. However, when it comes to choosing the best, the latter is better than Jio. But as you can see, Jio is not far behind. 

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