The Best Startups In Chennai

Best Startups In Chennai

In the last few years, India has seen a substantial rise in the number of startups due to the startup culture, and the capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, is the hub of it all. We have seen a fair few successful startups coming out of Chennai. The reason behind this is that the government of Tamil Nadu has been encouraging the growth and development of the startup ecosystem. Chennai has become the fourth most active startup environment in India. 

In this article, we will discuss some of The Best Startups In Chennai

  1. Zepto 

Zepto is a Chennai-based startup that ensures that they can constantly deliver food and basic amenities within 10 minutes. Zepto was started in June 2021 by two 19-year-old friends. They make this magic happen through a mix of operational and technical work using their network of ‘dark stores’ or micro-warehouses. 

Zepto has changed the way e-commerce is thought about in India. Getting your essentials delivered to your doorsteps within 10 minutes of ordering is something we would never have dreamt about. But now, through Zeptro, this has become the new normal. 

  1. Netmeds 

Netmeds is a brand we all might have heard about at some point in our lives for two reasons. First, they have been in business since 2010; second, our beloved Mahendra Singh Dhoni is their brand ambassador. 

Netmeds is an online pharmacy startup that started its business in Chennai. It delivers a wide range of pharmaceutical products to its customers’ doorsteps. Along its journey to becoming one of the market leaders in this industry, Netmeds has also acquired several other health startups. 

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  1. is a portal for property renters and buyers based in Chennai. It provides a platform in which the owners and the builders connect directly. has thousands of active properties on its platform, and the best part of it is that it offers its services for no cost. So, sellers can advertise their properties, and buyers can connect with any seller for free. 

  1. Clayfin 

Clayfin is another Chennai-based startup that was incorporated in 2009. It is a significant provider of Bank and Financial Institution Digital Customer Experience solutions. Clayfin ensures that all the financial institutions and banks can establish a close relationship with their clients by providing an impeccable omnichannel experience that aims to deliver at the customer’s preferred digital point of interaction.  

Clayfin has expanded overseas as well, as they work with customers worldwide, such as the Middle East, APAC, and Africa. 

This is not the end of the number of startups in Chennai. These are just a tiny proportion of all the startups in Chennai. You may wonder why Chennai has so many startups. Well, to answer your question: it is due to the presence of a significant number of SEZ (Special Economic Zones) in Chennai, and simultaneously there are trade and business legislations that ensure that every new firm or startup is given a competitive and nurturing environment to grow and become successful.

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