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bharat sethi rage coffee

Is a morning cup of coffee always a part of your daily routine, and your day doesn’t feel complete without it? The humble cup of coffee is a popular beverage, with many people having made it an early morning ritual.

Off-late people have become more accepting, moved past traditional coffee, and are willing to experiment with different flavors. With its range of blends infused with flavors, including hazelnut, caramel, dark chocolate, and mint, Rage Coffee is well-placed to take advantage of this trend.

History of Rage Coffee:

Bharat Sethi and Rage Coffee’s eventful journey began in 2018. Sethi’s first venture was Poster Gully – an online platform for designers and artists to create and sell their work – which he sold in 2012.
Next came iDecorama, an interior decor firm founded by Bharat Sethi in 2015. The firm, however, was not a very lucrative proposition and was wound up shortly after.

Success for him was taking time to brew before he could taste it. He decided to have a go at selling coffee. But, Nescafe and Bru had a stranglehold on the market, with a 65% market share. Being business-savvy, he observed a lack of innovation in the market. He decided to play disruptor while carving out a niche in the coffee industry.
Thus Rage Coffee was born with its range of flavored coffees in a market where one mainly chose the famous brands from the market shelves or the cappuccino.

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Business Model of Rage Coffee:

Rage Coffee is a Delhi-based firm that operates via the direct-to-consumer model through the Rage Coffee website and eCommerce firms such as Amazon and Bigbasket.
Their target clientele is the millennial crowd of both Tier-I and Tier-11 cities. Through its robust online presence, Bharat Sethi’s Rage Coffee connects with its customers in tier-I cities like Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai. They have a well-developed network of offline stores in Tier-II cities such as Jaipur, Indore, Nagpur, etc.

Their coffees are vegan, gluten-free, infused with vitamins, and have no added sugar. Thus, it’s perfect for the health-conscious crowd. For preserving the taste, only 100 percent Arabica beans are used. Their products include instant coffee, coffee sachets, ground coffee, and whole coffee beans!

Expansion Plans:

Rage Coffee and Bharat Sethi are working on aggressively expanding their online and offline footprint pan-India. Through innovative R&D, they also plan to continuously launch new products that will help them cement their lead as a force to reckon with.

Further, they plan to tap the US and European, and Middle Eastern markets through their global partners that are already in place.

Marketing Strategy:

Rage Coffee follows a highly consumer-centric marketing strategy. Through relevant social media content, they are increasing customer engagement. Further, they are working with popular influencers like Virat Kohli, a household name and even an investor in Rage Coffee.


With Rage Coffee in the capable hands of Bharat Sethi, they are targeting revenue of 35 Crores in FY22-23 and plan on reaching 500 crores in revenue by 2025. In words that showcase his intentions, “he wishes to build a brand that stands the test of time.”

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