How Gen-Z Has Rediscovered biogas Plant

biogas plant

Gen-Z does not play around. Whether it’s innovations based in medicine, bleeding-edge tech, or societal, Gen-Z makes sure that they make it better and transcend the already predetermined benchmarks. Either they reach the limits or surpass the limit altogether. Biogas is the byproduct of organic wastes that are generated by keeping them enclosed and depriving them of oxygen. Biogas Technology effectively uses discarded organic waste, preventing nasty odors and insects that would otherwise be along with waste or manure.

Similarly in that fashion, here’s how Gen-Z has rediscovered the biogas plant.

  1. Carbon Loops

Founded by Kern Agarwal and Ranjani Prabakaran in 2017, the company is headquartered in Chennai. The company has a tie-up with educational institutions and corporations to sort waste and make compost which is sent to farmers to improve the fertility of their soil.

They progressed to manufacturing biogas plants to power the canteen kitchen at Loyola. The company made over ₹2 crores in the last 2 years. As of now, Carbon Loops are planning to set up community biogas plants and expand.

  1. Jsamey Biotech

Amey Marathe founded Jsamey Biotechin in 2018, with a base of operations in Hyderabad, India. Amey saw food wastage as a chef for more than 14 years. He had plans to eradicate food waste and do it effectively. The company collects food waste from different restaurants and hotels in Hyderabad. The converted biogas & nutritious organic fertilizer happens via the fermentation process. They sell this compressed biogas at 48 INR per kg and organic manure at 8 INR per kg. 

  1. GPS Renewables

Headquartered in Bangalore, GPS Renewables was started by Sreekrishna Sankar and Mainak Chakraborty in 2012. They implemented a cloud-based plant health monitoring system, making sure <1% plant downtime at minimum operational cost. The company has entirely revolutionized conventional biogas plants. The revitalized biogas plants have a production efficiency in the range of 70 kg. 

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  1. Vaayu-Mitra

This startup is putting forth the idea of making green fuel by yourself. Headquartered in Pune, Vaayu-Mitra is the brainchild of Priyadarshan Sahasrabuddhe, an IIT-Bombay alumnus. Their flagship product, named Vaayu, a biofuel plant, was launched in 2017.  With easy home installation, this product is used to make methane gas from organic wastes. Vaayu can help generate 800 liters of biogas per day, meeting more than 70% of house fuel requirements.

  1.  Carbon Masters

Carbon Masters is trying to decrease the amount of organic waste heading out of the state. Residents and local authorities collect kitchen waste and send it over to be converted into biogas. This fuel powers local restaurants, IT parks, and corporate campuses. Carbonlites Cylinder by the company is a branded, bottled bio-CNG produced for use in India, which can be used for cooking instead of conventional LPG.  Founded by Kevin Houston and Som Narayan, Carbon Masters has spread beyond national borders in countries like the UK and Ecuador.

Biogas helps eliminate greenhouse gasses that are toxic by using them to create fuel for a new day. Biogas is effective and efficient, this booming love for it by Gen Z

is just the step in the right, green direction.

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