Biggest Business Deals of 2023: A Recap

Business Deals

 Even though 2021 has been a roller-coaster ride gone wrong, it has been a challenging yet profitable business and economic development journey. However, India’s economy has seen progress with good business deals during pressing times. Let’s get started with the biggest business deals of 2021 and recap how India has broken out of an economic siesta.  

Business deals of 2021 

Business deals play a crucial role in the development of the economy. Even when the pandemic froze the economy, the following business deals brought back the economy alive:

1. SB energy holdings and Adani energy Ltd.

One of the most popular business deals of 2021 is the acquisition of SB energy holdings by Adani energy Ltd in May. The deal value is about 3.5 billion dollars, and the Adani group sought 100% interest for the same. The year’s biggest deal involved the largest solar power developer company, SB energy holdings, and Indian renewable energy company, Adani energy. 

2. Capco and Wipro 

In March 2021, Wipro, one of the leading multinational corporations in India, announced the taking over of Capco or the capital markets NV, a global technology and business management company. The deal value of the same was 1.45 billion dollars. It did Wipro the most extensive end-to-end global consulting, transformation, and technology service to the banking and financial services industry. 

3. Akash education services Ltd and Think and Learn Pvt Ltd.

The acquisition of Akash education services Ltd by Think and Learn Pvt Ltd (Byjus) is another major undertaking between the AESL and Byjus with a deal value of 1 billion dollars. Since the deal, the AESL has been transformed into a hybrid edtech firm and expanded rapidly across India. 

4. Gangavaram Port and Adani ports and special economic zone Ltd.

Adani Ports and SEZ Ltd, one of the most integrated ports and logistics companies, acquired the Gangavaram port, the deepest all-weather port of Visakhapatnam, India. The deal value is Rs 3,604 cr. Adani Ports and SEZ Ltd aims to enhance the cargo operations and improve operating efficiencies of the same.

5. NER II transmission and India grid trust

The India grid trust, the Indian power sector infrastructure investment trust, struck a deal and acquired the NER II transmission, part of the Interstate transmission scheme. The value of the agreement was 4625 crore rupees. 

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Overall, the biggest business deals of 2021 have made the Indian economy reach the top position despite the ongoing crisis. It has helped well-established entrepreneurs to build their reputation in the business market. The business deals have allowed the top-notch companies to boost the frozen economy. Apart from the fact that we have learned how to fight the pandemic, the Indian economy has also been known to fight its way out to become the world’s finest and new everyday economies. The world will fight out and bounce back from the worst through the most important business deals no matter the situation. 

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