From Campus to CEO: 7 Startup Ideas for Students to Launch Their Own Business

business idea for student

In this burgeoning world of opportunity and convenience, there is hardly a stone unturned for bold, creative ideas to form. The only torchbearers we look up to are the ones in two-tone clothing with government-approved curriculum in their backpacks; the students. 

Reinvent, revitalize, breaking the mold of mediocrity itself; the students of the present are already working on the tomorrow of possibilities. 

Here are some ideas to get you started if you are one of them. 

  1. Organization Startup

Fresh off the press and approved by ‘tidying up’ queen Marie Kondo herself, this business startup provides professional organizational skills for upcoming and existing businesses. Build up a game plan for smaller tasks like seating management and organizing industrial pantries to bigger tasks like convenient stock keeping and efficient product distribution charts; an organization startup/service can be many things, and ‘not well detailed’ is not one of them.

  1. Specialized Travelling Guides

Do know a place good enough than THAT travelling website? Become a local guide by publishing niche and specialized guides that help the recipient more than any guide can. These guides can have different unknown routes, unheard places to eat at, and convenient routes to travel, amongst other things. Expansion can be just virtual or onsite. 

  1. Grocery Delivery Services

The pandemic days and general laziness lead to this idea. A grocery delivery business is a viable idea, people want groceries, they do it via an internet portal or app, you bag & tag the said groceries, deliver them, and keep the profits for the labor provided. The best thing about this business is that you can start with boundaries; neighborhoods, city blocks, etc. Start small and spread out.

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  1. Subscription boxes

A subscription box industry worth $22.7 billion worldwide is poised for growth. Choose a niche, then curate a collection of products to deliver unique experiences. Some subscription boxes focus on snacks, others on fitness. Analyze the market and get started. 

  1. Virtual and Artificial Reality

There is no doubt that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the future, and it has arrived. Create virtual reality experiences or accessories to tap into a worldwide market that is expected to grow to a $44.7 billion market by the year 2024.

  1. Matchmaking

So many people, but not many to date. Eradicate this problem by starting your own matchmaking service. Start with your own form-based, recommendation-to-recommendation service and expand into app development and bring love/companionship to new target audiences.

  1. Moving Services

Moving can be finicky. Between that and keeping track of your things when they get shipped halfway across the country, you’ve got a boring logistics job at hand. Eradicate that need, and launch your own moving service with special consideration for items that can be fragile. You can make bespoke arrangements for particular equipments, and with expansion and R&D, you can even launch GPS tracking and RFID labels. The possibilities are endless.

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