Everything You Need to Know About Car wash business

car wash business

It’s a warm summer day and the asphalt is spitting hot. The only way you feel better is the cool mist of the water flying at the car wash.  As soon as you’re done, you are handed the keys and you hand over the money; you peel off while looking at the attendant, shuffling through a wad of cash, thinking to yourself,

“What if I start a car wash?”

It goes beyond getting a hose, a water bucket, and some soap; Here’s everything you need to know about running a car wash business.

  • Appropriate licenses & Purchasing Equipment

First things first, you are going to need some licenses. Water is a commodity and with major usage, in business, the government likes to keep tabs and cut off limits on how it is used by businesses. You will also need professional-grade equipment; high pressures hoses, car washing liquid, polish, washcloths, foaming agents as well as a water tank.

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  • Type of car wash & Employees

A car wash business is divided into two categories; door-to-door car washing service and a car wash center.  A door-to-door car washing service is good for people with a small budget and limited time to spare. A car wash service on the other hand requires a lot more, they offer deep cleaning services with regards to cleaning inside as well as under the car. A person with technical knowledge is an important hire; they should know the car models & makes, as well as how & where to clean. 

  • A business plan & location for the car wash

Having a business plan will help you start a car wash because it will contain all the information you need, right from the smallest details of the business to how much it will cost to set up the car wash. Location plays an important role, if your car wash is on the outskirts of the city then you can kiss the money goodbye. Having an accessible shop with plenty of working space for waiting customers, a cleaning area for the car, and a general storage area for the equipment is well appreciated by the customers. 

  • Competition & Set up costs

You cannot have 6 car washes on the same lane, it is common business planning of demand and supply. A shop in a populous region with heavy car traffic is desired but then you should have attendants to take care of them adequately. You can start off with limited-time offers and everything else to get the initial customers coming. Automated car wash equipment can cost upwards of ₹ 20 to 30 lakhs. If you are planning to employ a person, you should also make sure that the person knows what he or she is doing.

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