The Best Early stage startup and Why They’re Worth Your Buck 

early stage startup

A startup is essentially the product of sleepless nights and endless hard work. The reason for this ambiguity is the fact that startups are inherently risky, with almost 11% of startups shutting shop before they get their product in the market. However, it is the relentless effort that startups like Nykaa and Lenskart have put in that inevitably gravitates those looking to invest and buy a significant share in the company. 

The emerging startup culture in India is what makes 2023 the best time to invest in upcoming companies that are bound to offer a good return on investment. There is a demand for technological, financial, etc., issues that young startups have started to offer, and here is why you should be an investor in order to have the early mover’s advantage. 

Here are some worthwhile early stage startup that are worth your time and will remain relevant for generations to come. 

  1. TradeX

Size: 1-10

TradeX was founded in 2021 and is currently based in New Delhi, India. It deals with the fintech market and helps users access a market trading platform that makes use of predictions to help consumers make better and informed financial decisions. 

Since the inception of the company, it has made it through a seed funding round worth 70 million rupees. This is what makes TradeX a trustworthy option for you to put your money in. 

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  1. Rupifi 

Size: 11-50

Rupifi was founded in the year 2020 and works on providing B2B fintech services. The motive of the company is to facilitate capital acquisition for smaller businesses in the form of working capital and payment services along with loans. The investing round of the startup has so far attracted around 15 investors who have managed to raise a whopping figure of $30 million, something that makes Rupifi hard to ignore. 

  1. Groyyo

Size: 11-50

Groyyo was founded in the year 2021 and provides efficient solutions in the realm of B2B manufacturing and automation. Groyyo has allowed businesses within this sector to hone their overall operations, which inevitably has a favorable influence on the end product of these companies. Since the start of the company, it has garnered the attention of seven major investors who have raised a total figure of $4.6 million, thus making Groyyo a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Early stage startup like these are great to invest in because of the ultimate worth that they will end up providing in the grand scheme of things. Moreover, early-stage startups are always in dire need of capital, without which at least 25% of them end up failing without realizing their true potential. Investing in an early-stage startup will not only be a worthwhile investment but also help you become a part of a revolutionary product that may end up changing society for the better in the future.

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