Get your business charging with e-bikes: Start an eco-friendly business with e-bikes

e-bikes business in India

Did you know how electric vehicles get into battle? They charge. Bad jokes aside, with the recent rising popularity of electric vehicles, we are surely going to see more of these battles. 

With the rise in electric vehicles around the world, we don’t have to be worried about machines taking over, just like in the movie, The Terminator. The rising popularity of these green energy powered vehicles, have given a rise to e-bikes business in India. Not only are they practical, they are eco-friendly and efficient. 

This article aims to act as a guide for you to start your own e-bike business.

As we all know, the vehicles around us have been powered by petrol or diesel for decades. This has led to air pollution reaching alarming levels. To add to the woes, the price of fuel has also been on the rise and is reaching a level that can be out of reach of the common people. This is where e-bikes come to the rescue. 

Not only does riding e-bikes have benefits, but the government is encouraging more aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself to manufacture and sell e-bikes across the country. 

So, the first question you would be having in mind is how can you open your own e-bike business in India. Here is a walkthrough for you: 
  1. You need a name for your e-bike company. Make a website and register the name you want your dealership to be called. 
  1. The next step would be to contact an e-bike manufacturer who will be supplying you with the bikes to be sold. 
  1. There will be a verification process before the company sends out their units to you 
  1.  Once the verification process is done, you would be required to make the payment for the bikes you get from them.
  1. Once that is done, your customers are ready to roll on the wheels that you sell them. 

Your next question is bound to be how much money would be required to start your e-bike dealership. You would be needing an amount between 30 to 50 lakh. It could be more than that depending on the location you choose and the scale you wish to operate at. But, the good news is that you can get a loan for this, as banks are willing to help entrepreneurs make an impact in the electric vehicle sector. 

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Another option for you is to buy a franchise of an e-bike dealership, such as Bajaj, TVS, and Hero. You would save money on setting up a proper arrangement, as the units will be provided to you to be sold further. The initial investment will be considerably less and make expansion relatively easier. 

We have only now started to tap into the world of electronic vehicles. The focus is shifting towards green energy, and it may be the right time to start your own e-bike business in India. With the rising fuel prices and pollution levels, rolling around on wheels silently is the future. Gone are the days when you could roar your engine loud. 

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