Grofers online shopping is now Blinkit

Grofers online shopping is now Blinkit

Grofers is one of the most popular online grocery delivery apps in India. The e-commerce grocery website is a solution for the unorganized nature of the grocery delivery sector. However, to enter the Q-commerce sector, the Grofers online shopping website rebranded itself to Blinkit, the Zomato backed website. It made a pivot, from its conventional grocery website to a quick model grocery delivery store intending to provide its services to customers in 10 minutes.

Why Grofers became Blinkit

grofers online shopping

On December 13, Grofers officially came to be known as Blinkit. The main aim of renaming Grofers is to be part of the quick commerce model. In the e-commerce market dominated by Amazon and Flipkart, Blinkit (Grofers) aims to deliver groceries and other essential items faster. In August this year, the Grofers online shopping app launched the 10-minute delivery system wherein customers get their desired products.

Grofers recently reached the billion-dollar club by raising $120 million from Zomato. It has also ramped up its e-commerce offerings by joining the local store owners. It has also helped the Grofers online shopping app to flourish in the e-commerce industry. Thus, the rebranding has helped the company progress in terms of revenue. The unicorn company Blinkit (Grofers) has now become a strong competitor amongst other grocery delivery websites.

Expansion of the Indian e-commerce space is another reason why Grofers is now Blinkit. With Grofers online shopping app transforming into Blinkit, the company directly pits against the top e-commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon. The motto of the Blinkit (Grofers) is to deliver groceries and other essential items in no time. Changing the name doesn’t change the ideology of the company. But it has taken a turn to explore the competitive world of online grocery delivery. 

Blinkit (Grofers) venture into Quick commerce

The main idea of rebranding the Grofers online shopping app is to venture into the quick commerce platform. Within a few months, Blinkit has processed over a million orders of the same in 12 cities in India. The rebranding happened when most competitors hoarded cash up to be on top. Furthermore, it has helped them reinvent a new future in quick commerce by meeting the demands of new customers. 

The tagline delivering your everyday essentials in a blink of an eye says it all. Rebranding Grofers to Blinkit has helped customers receive groceries and daily essentials within seconds. 

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Overall, the Grofers rebranded as Blinkit is a total game-changer in the online grocery delivery business. It has gone beyond just delivering groceries by selling electronics and cosmetics. Intending to satisfy their consumer needs in a blink of an eye, Blinkit has become the talk of the town. 

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