Top 10 Indian Unicorn companies that made it big in 2023

Unicorn companies that made it big in 2022

Indian Unicorn companies that made it big 2023 has seen the highest growth in the unicorn ecosystem by many companies entering the 1 billion $ club. Metro cities in India like Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, etc., have been places where some of the finest unicorn companies in India were born. in 2021

India is becoming the fastest-growing start-up country.  This article will discuss the top 10 unicorn companies that made it big in 2021

Top 10 unicorn companies in 2021

India has added up three unicorn companies every month in 2021. however, the top 10 unicorn companies have made their own space in the start-up market of India. Following are the ten unicorn companies in 2021:

  • Licious

The Licious is fresh meat and seafood brand that provides 100% crisp and good quality chicken and other meats like Fish and Mutton. Currently, they are under the 1 billion $ club. It became the unicorn company with 52 million $ fresh fundraise

  • Vedantu

Vedantu is a popular online tutoring platform. It became the 28th unicorn company in India and the fifth ed-tech unicorn company with a raise of 100 million $. 

  • Mobile premier league

The MPL or mobile premier league is the second most gaming unicorn company with funds raising at 2.3 billion $ valuation. Headquartered in Bengaluru, MPL has become the 26th company to become a unicorn member. 

  • Grofers

The Softbank-backed online grocery delivery platform, Grofers became the 25th start-up to enter the unicorn family. They have raised over 120 million $ from online food and grocery delivery platform.

  • CoinCDX

Coin CDX is one of the popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms. In 2021 it became the first cryptocurrency company to enter the unicorn club with a fundraiser of 1.1 billion $.

  • up Grad

The Ronnie screw Wala headed, up Grad is one of the popular homegrown ed-tech companies and the third company to enter the Unicorn club.

  • Bharat Pe

Delhi-based fintech company Bharat pe is one of the most popular merchant payment and financial services. It is the 19th unicorn company of 2021 with a fundraiser of 2.8 billion $. 

  • CRED

CRED is another popular fintech company, the sixth start-up to achieve unicorn status. They have raised funds of around 2.2 billion $. It is one of the start-up companies that has received unicorn status at its early stages. 

  • Digit Insurance

The digit insurance backed by Fairfax is a digital insurance company that has received unicorn status this year. They have raised an amount of 1.9 billion $. It is the first company in 2021 to enter the unicorn club. 

  • Meesho

Meesho is India’s first Indian e-commerce platform to enter the unicorn club by raising a fund of 300 million $. It is the latest entrant in the Unicorn family and became the fifth start-up to join the same.

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Hence, these are the popular Unicorn companies that made a big deal in 2021. They became the game changers in the start-up ecosystem.

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