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linkedin case study

Started as a small platform in the crowded and high competition social networking market, it has rapidly become the top platform used by working professionals worldwide to link and connect with others. In this article, we will be talking about the case study of LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is a social networking platform that started with a marketing department of just two people and had zero promotional spendings, and with the power of excellent references, it became the world’s most popular business-networking website. 

Launched during the phase of the social-networking craze many years ago, let us see how it reached the top. 

One of the major things that helped LinkedIn reach the top was that its founders spent all their marketing efforts on high-value customers who could generate the most returns. 

They went after those relatively well-known and sought-after individuals because they would attract a large number of followers with them. 

As the company started in the San Francisco Bay Area, the founders began by focusing on people from that particular geographical location as it was an area that was well-known to them. It turned out to be the right move, as we all know about Silicon Valley and the Bay Area for being the hub for entrepreneurship and jobs. 

LinkedIn founders had reason to believe that if they were able to attract different entrepreneurs to join their social networking platform, it would increase their awareness among business owners worldwide and attract the people who are seeking job opportunities and recruiters. Since most entrepreneurs search for capital, onboarding them means that the website will also attract various investors and venture capitalists. 

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However, this presented a challenge to the founders as venture capitalists investigated the business and the people running it before investing. So, the founders set their goal to develop a website where the venture capitalists could check the references and business experience of the people on the network and know about their networks. 

By doing so, LinkedIn found out that this benefits not only the investors but also the recruiters, as they would also be able to get to know the candidate a little bit better before deciding to hire them or not. 

In the first six months of its inception, the social media network started to grab hold of everyones’ attention worldwide, as the 8% of LinkedIn’s users present on the website were able to attract the rest of the 92% on their own. 

So, this briefcase study on LinkedIn was aimed to cater you the necessary information about how this social networking behemoth started its venture, the idea behind it, and how with minimal marketing effort and money spent on it, LinkedIn was able to not only attract the attention to working individuals from different fields worldwide but also become the most important networking website when it comes to the world of corporate and business. 

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