The Unsung Genius Of Jack Ma Success Story

Jack Ma Success Story

It’s often a misnomer that every genius mind is well-appreciated for their endeavors, but Jack Ma, the founder of multi-billion dollar e-commerce company Alibaba, is unappreciated in his own country and deserves his tale sung in orchestras across the globe. 

Laying The Foundation

Jack Ma’s early years were already bright with his ideas. Born in 1964, his is a story of grit, determination, and harnessing the power of something we all have in us (but do not use)- intuition. Because he wasn’t fluent in English, he waited outside hotels and decided to barter his skills as a tour guide for some English lessons from tourists. 

Though Ma failed his college entrance exam, his trip to Seattle in 1995 opened his eyes to the wonders of the internet. He made over $2400 creating websites for companies. 

Foresight & Vision

Jack Ma wanted to bring the glory of Silicon Valley back home. Unfortunately, his efforts remained unappreciated. For over three years, Jack Ma was treated as a con artist amongst his own countrymen. 

Jack Ma’s success story began In 1999 he founded the Alibaba group as a B2B e-commerce platform. He said, “We don’t want to be number one in China. We want to be number one in the world.” 

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From only seven employees and a room full of non-utilitarian things, the site became one of the world’s largest retailers & e-commerce companies, with over USD 250 billion. He is known to have a hawk-vision into the future.

In 2018 he called on people in business to adopt IoT, big data, and cloud computing as ways to end the dreaded effects of the trade wars. “Any country will protect new ideas, not entities,” Ma said. 

Ma believed that planning led to losing and relied purely on his wisdom and instincts to lead the way. Jack Ma success story is legendary as he had an idea map in his mind that couldn’t be put on paper. Because of this mindset, many investors from Silicon Valley refused to provide their capital- they all wanted to see a plan when there was none. 

The Power Of Raw Instinct

Even without knowing about computers, Jack Ma relied on the gift of the gab & persuasive skills to make Alibaba a massive success. He always let his futuristic mind lead the way. Especially in technology, where innovation is the mother of all growth- he was the perfect last piece of the puzzle of true technological reform.

Even when Alibaba was struggling to see success, he founded Taobao in 2003, a B2C e-commerce site that gave eBay a run for its money.  

“Nearly a decade of entrepreneurial experience tells me these difficult times can’t be evaded. The entrepreneur must be above facing failure and never give up”, says Ma

Jack Ma success story is the bravest example of nurturing the spirit of determination and boldness. He is a man that brings new meaning to the word ‘innovation.’ A true-bred genius. 

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