Challenges With Lassi corner franchise business You May Not See Coming

lassi corner franchise business

With over 300 outlets spanning 65 and counting cities, The Lassi Corner has forged its way into the wallets of everyday citizens. Their products are delicious, ranked from low to high to even entertain the tight purse strings of a person. But this is what the consumer takes part in; What about the dude who owns the shop on the block, blaring their name? We take a look at the challenges with The Lassi Corner franchise business. 

The Lassi Corner, founded by Sumit Singla in 2016, has quickly turned around to become a well-known brand in the last 5 years. However, all that looks gold, isn’t. The Midas touch falls off just like their fruit selection.

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A quick search on the web derives reviews from unsatisfied customers. What is wrong here is that these reviews also include owners of the shops to which The Lassi Corner lends its name.

The consensus is that they suck, more or less. Owners are inflamed because of shoddy communication, lack of attention, yes-men to no-reply-men after the signing of the documents, and much more. An anonymous person has still yet to receive their agreement documents citing that ‘the tea vendor makes more than him.’ Such forms of replies are cautious to everyone but more importantly, tarnish the entire respect of the company and its owners. 

The challenges are grander; the owners are often lied to, fed false information rather than their affordable snacks, and deluded to participate. But one of the biggest challenges of them all is an investment. A normal 100-200 square feet shop will cost around 6 to 7.5 lakhs, an amount which is far greater for a mom-and-pop-shop-type-duo. They offer a range of business models based on the scale of the project from Cafe, Kiosk, and Takeaway models(6-7.5 lakhs) to Cloud and 24×7 Kitchens(8 lakhs) to IT Company Kiosks(14 lakhs). The investment grows with each ascension of a model. 

Their unique selling price is their one-stop shop menu that includes a lot of varieties ranging from seasonal to local and more. Their products are made with farm-fresh and local produce, which grants the consumer and the kitchen staff alike the choice of healthy options and nothing but the finest ingredients for any and all the products they offer. 

By our predictions, The Lassi Corner franchise business may have doubled or even tripled their stats by the next 5 years, if their past is evident. But with all the slack they receive, they will surely lose a lot of general public trust. Which is terrible for them because they are a B2C company. 

Running a franchise store comes with its own problems. Lending your name to a restaurant is no cheap feat; we only hope that this isn’t done in vain or neglect. The Lassi Corner has been up for greatness ever since they started. However, they won’t make it far if they lose their franchise owners in a series of unanswered queries and calls. 

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