A Day in The Life of An Entrepreneur in 1500 Words

A Day in The Life of An Entrepreneur in 1500 Words

Running a business sounds great, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. No doubt which industry you belong to, it is tough to live the life of an entrepreneur. Maintaining and following a well-planned routine needs efficiency. Running a business means dealing with so many responsibilities, and becoming a successful entrepreneur, you have to learn to balance things.

Planning and building daily routines is always helpful to create a sense of security. The life of an entrepreneur is a tale of many ups and downs. There will be crazy days when you celebrate your success with your team, and there will be days when you are under stress because of unsuccessful projects. As an entrepreneur, you might go through lots of meetings, calls, lunch with clients, press interviews, and lots of other things. 

There are so many other smaller tasks that you have to complete to run your business successfully. So, to be an entrepreneur, the first thing you have to improve is your strategic moves and ability of thinking and decisions making.

Every entrepreneur doesn’t follow the same lifestyle and routine. They follow different strategies to deal with the stress and manage their time. It might look easy on the outside, but it is pretty exhausting sometimes. 

Role of an Entrepreneur in the day to day life:

Every entrepreneur’s life is different everybody has a different perspective towards the lifestyle of a successful entrepreneur. To utilize your day, the very first thing you have to do is maintain and balance your personal life with your professional life. 

Not everyone wakes up at six o’clock and goes for a walk or holds a large cup of coffee mug and newspaper in one hand. There are some entrepreneurs whose days start with getting ready for their kids for school and preparing food for the family. They do their household chores as well as respond to their emails and calls. So, everyone has a different routine depending upon their responsibilities.

The life of an entrepreneur is structured so that he/she can give his/her 100%. They work for almost 15 to 16 hours a day. Most entrepreneurs start their day early and end in the late nights. In such a case, if you don’t follow the proper routine, then you will be exhausted with your life. 

An entrepreneur has so many different roles to play, starting from the spokesperson to the head of the marketing strategies. He is the one who keeps motivating the entire team. Therefore balancing yourself in the life of a successful entrepreneur is a must.

Morning Routine:

6:00 AM to 7:00 AM

Most entrepreneurs usually wake up somewhere between 6 AM to 7 AM. This time depends upon at what time they went to sleep last night. They start their day with the mails, texts, and calls that they received last night. Before getting out of the blanket, they check their phone and respond to the important texts.

Most of the time, they reply to their team, clients, and customers by sitting lying on their bed. They go through different kinds of important as well as unnecessary mails. After responding to all the emails, they move on.

8.00 AM

To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to keep the focus on your health too. So, add a healthy workout routine. Hit the gym at eight o’clock. Use some lightweight strength training, treadmills and do some running to relax your body after a workout, drink healthy juice, and read newspapers.

9.00 AM

Go to the bathroom, freshen up, and dress up for the day. Give a maximum of 30 to 40 minutes for shower and dressing and styling the hair. Get ready by watching the news channels or business news to keep updated with the latest trends. After that, take your breakfast and get ready to deal with the world.

10.30 AM

This is the peak time where you have to start completing your tasks one by one. Reach your office, start your device, and start communicating with the world. Communicate with your potential clients and team, then figure out the issues that you should recover to generate and maximize your revenue.

Afternoon routine:

This is lunchtime with the team, employees, or clients. As an entrepreneur, you have to make plans with your clients and employees. Sometimes you may move to other locations for business, and they will offer food to you. Going for multiple meetings doesn’t mean that you are gaining revenue, but it makes a big impact on your business. Sometimes you might not have time for lunch, and you have to eat inside your car while travelling from one place to another.

1.30 PM

This is the break time where the entrepreneur converses with the whole team. This is the time of building a relationship with the team. 

2.00 PM

This is the time to get back to your work. You might receive so many phone calls and reply to so many emails in the morning, but the next 2 to 3 hours are also going to be quite tough. At this time, you have to make phone calls, meet with clients, work on different projects, and grab ideas to achieve success. Try to complete most of the tasks at this time; otherwise, you may miss your task and shift it for the next day.

Evening Routine:

5:00 PM

This is the fun & tea time where you can drink some coffee and eat snacks with your whole team. This is the end of your work, so this is the time to cherish. Most entrepreneurs use this time to build communication between themselves and their employees. 

But sometimes you may move around to the city at this time to give presentations and make new clients. This is the time an entrepreneur should utilize to build creative ideas. After that, you can also check some random emails or answer the texts. 

7:00 PM 

This is the time to wrap up things. If there is still some work, then handle those. Make larger statistics, prepare for the presentations, or do things that are incomplete and essential to cover in the same day. After completing all the tasks, take your diary and check out all the tasks that you have done today. If possible, make plans for the next day and try to complete them.

9:00 PM

This is the time where the entrepreneur spends some me time and family time. This is the time to share some joyful memories with your family and watch TV and play with your kids. If you are alone, then you can utilize this time by doing your favourite hobby like painting, reading, gossiping with your friends and all. 

10:00 PM 

Complete your dinner and go for a walk. Listen to slow music and make plans for the next day. Reply to your friends and family and chat in video calls.

11:00 PM

Go to your bed and scroll the news feeds, social accounts, and sleep tight. Make sure to stay online until midnight to receive all the important emails. This is how an entrepreneur ends his/her day.

What young generation Entrepreneurs should learn from experts?

If we talk about the expert and life of a successful entrepreneur, then Jeff Bezos is one of them. According to him, he covers most of the meetings in the first half so that he can avoid making decisions at the end of the day. 

According to him, you should do fresh morning activities that motivate you and keep you energetically day long. Try to cover the most hectic task in the first half so that the other tasks seem easy to you. It is better to do the intellectual and creative work in the morning before tiredness starts arising.

To experience a successful life as an entrepreneur, you have to find time to spend with your family and friends. Most beginners give their whole time establishing their business and make a profit. Make your routine in such a way so that you can find some time together with your family. Find out more and more time to read the daily papers, business news and scroll different platforms to grab the knowledge. 

As per Mark Zuckerberg, he starts his day just by scrolling his phone and ends up cuddling with his kids. Richard Branson is the other known personality who wakes up at 5 in the morning and does breakfast with his family. 

Working 50 to 90 hours a week is not necessary, but working entirely dedicatedly is what matters a lot to make your business successful. Elan Musk goes to his bed at 1 am after scrolling out his phone. So, you can easily learn from these personalities that how they have different work routines, but still, they are successful in their business and life. So, how you manage the lifestyle of a successful entrepreneur depends upon you. 

Therefore, building a routine is an ideal thing that you can do to follow the life of an entrepreneur.

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Running a business is not similar to working in a 9 to 5 job. As an entrepreneur, you have to do so many things within a day. You have to work consecutively for all seven weeks in a day. Take the plunge if you are ready for it! 

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