A guide to health in 2023: Practo success story

Practo success story

Do you know why yogurt and medicine don’t get along? Because one is probiotic and the other is antibiotic. Well, this might not have anything to do with the topic we want to talk about, but we just couldn’t resist not having a medicine pun, when we thought of Practo. 

So, you might’ve guessed it right. Today, we are going to talk about Practo success story. 

Every human, all around the world, needs some sort of medical attention, for something minor or for something serious. Let it be a cold, an allergic reaction, or a fever, we visit a doctor who prescribes us certain medicines that we take to be fine. In the broad scale of things, this is a never-ending process. 

However, Practo makes it possible to search for doctors nearby with your smartphone, making finding them a breeze.

What is Practo? 

Practo is a health tech startup, which was established in 2008 in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, by Shashank ND and Abhinav Lal. Appointments can be made online using this platform.

It also answers any questions you have, around the clock, and solves numerous health-related issues in no time. 

Just like any startup, Practo had to tackle many difficulties in its initial days. The hardest part was to convince doctors to sign up for their platform. Once that was done, they also had to convince the patients that Practo was a safe and reliable platform to book their appointments. 

It took 2 years of hard work to kickstart the success story of Practo, as by 2010, it was made available in five cities across India. As the years went by, Practo found ways to improve its services. In 2013, it launched a cloud-based platform that helps doctors manage their patients’ records, called Practo Ray. This was a giant step towards success as it helped them increase their customer base. Today, Practo Ray is used by thousands of doctors all over India. 

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The will to improve their services did not stop here. By 2015, they launched a service that enabled patients to find doctors and book appointments, called Practo Concierge. Another major step towards success.

Let’s get to know the two masterminds behind Practo a little better.

Abhinav Lal is the CTO of Practo. He pursued his B.Tech from the National Institute of Technology and plays a vital role in the continuous success of the startup. The other co-founder, Shashank ND is the current CEO of Practo. He also pursued his B.Tech degree from the National Institute of Technology. He is responsible for the overall direction and vision of the company, as he maintains an active role in building Practo’s products. 
Currently, the company and its services can be found in approximately 50 countries and has around 30 million users all over the world. It has become the largest health tech company in India and is on track to become a global leader in healthcare technology, adding on to the  Practo success story.

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