Shining on Three Wheels – Samar Singla And Jugnoo

Samar Singla

When an idea comes to us, we often dissect it and determine if it will do well with its competition. After all, not all ideas are unique. But determination and grit to make an idea successful can contribute to the overall success of the individual, and Samar Singla is an excellent example of this notion. 

Samar Singla is an IIT Delhi alumnus who studied to be a Physicist and even worked in noteworthy organizations like IBM and CERN. He loves to travel and experiment with photography to capture the hubble bubble in people’s daily lives. 

A Light Bulb Idea  – Jugnoo’s Creation

It was perhaps the wanderlust in Sameer that led him to observe just how uncooperative and expensive auto riders could be. Instead of just grumbling about the price and bargaining like the rest of us, Sameer decided to find a more permanent solution.

Sameer Singla founded his company Jugnoo (meaning Firefly), to transform the Indian Auto-rickshaw sector. He wanted to tap into the most used public transport in Tier 2 and 3 cities, autos, and optimize waiting times while keeping fares fair.

Samar also founded Click-Labs, a profitable SaaS technology solution provider of Business suits called ‘JungleWorks.’ 

The Beginnings of Jugnoo

The Jugnoo app was launched at the PECFEST event of PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh, to better appeal to its target base. Free rides were also provided to people in Chandigarh to promote the app. It is now available across all platforms.

Jugnoo – Growth

Since 2014, when Jugnoo was founded, the company has seen numerous milestones such as:

  • Completed more than 19M rides
  • Present in over 120 Indian cities
  • The company boasts of having 8M+ users

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Jugnoo – Challenges

The auto drivers were initially reluctant to use technology in their daily routes. This was a significant challenge for Samar, but once the app started getting more users, it soon became the go-to for drivers.

Samar also experienced a bout of challenges with the home delivery service Jugnoo Fatafat, which was launched in March 2015.

Jugnoo’s business model was to charge a commission back from the drivers. The commission rate is 10% of the ticket size in most cities.

Samar and Jugnoo’s aim is to significantly increase the final income of drivers while still giving the customer a predictable and cost-effective medium of transport.


Team Jugnoo, along with Samar at the wheel, Jugnoo managed to use less than half of their reservoirs and grew as a lean and productive unit.

Samar Singla received Young Entrepreneur Awards at an annual event conceptualized by BW Businessworld. He was also recognized as one of India’s Hottest Young Entrepreneurs in 2017, whose start-up transformed the Indian ecosystem.

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