What is Sandbox AQ? Get To Know the Quantum Playfield


Did you know why the startup founder took a pill in Ibiza? To show the VC that he was cool. 

As the software startup that is developing quantum-computing and artificial-intelligence tools for commercial use, Sandbox AQ, has officially become a stand-alone company by spinning off from Alphabet Inc.’s Google, might need to show VCs how cool they are. 

Jack D. Hidary, a serial entrepreneur, founded Sandbox which started at Alphabet Inc. in 2016, till it departed to be a stand-alone company in 2022. Sandbox AQ is currently developing commercial products for financial services, telecom, government, computer security, and healthcare. They have boarded a team of 55 scientists, technologists, and engineers, coming from different fields like chemistry, Artificial Intelligence (AI), physics, cryptography, and many others.  

Sandbox AQ’s vision and aspirations have attracted the attention of tycoons from all over the world, such as Parkway Venture Capital, Section 32, Breyer Capital, Thomas Tull (founder and CEO of Tulco, LLC), Eric Schmidt, David Siegel (co-founder of Two Sigma), Bradley M. Boom (co-founder and former managing director of Berkshire Partners LLC), First Light Capital Group, and many other leading firms. 

The company has its sights on using the capital it raised to hire physicists, engineers, and AI experts, to further develop its AI and quantum technologies. The company serves a customer base of over 1000 global leading companies like Vodafone Business, Wix, Softbank Mobile, and many others. It has its targets set to include the US Federal government, financial services industry, and critical infrastructure operators in its customer base. 

Jack Hidary also stated that Sandbox is going to sell quantum simulation software to possibly accelerate the development of medicinal drugs and materials. It could take three years to commercialise these projects as it would include AI to analyse data from quantum-based sensors to improve medical imaging and also the use of tracking magnetic fields instead of GPS satellites, enabling navigation. 

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Sandbox AQ is working very closely with its faculty partners at major universities to invest in Ph.D. students and host postdocs. The software startup has trained graduate students from universities like Yale, ASU, Columbia, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley and other leading universities. 

Leading companies such as IBM, Google, and Honeywell are attempting to build feasible quantum computers, which acts as an indicator that there is a thriving market for quantum computing simulation software running with conventional high-performance computing components.

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