Talking about the ‘young soch’: Santoor soap success story

santoor soap success story

We all have seen famous advertisements where Bollywood actor, Varun Dhawan is shocked and says ‘mummy?’. 

These creative and relentless marketing strategies by Santoor are the reason why it has attained the second rank in terms of soap sales. 

So, in this article, we will talk about Santoor soap success story. 

Apart from being number two in sales, Santoor is the first and the only Indian soap brand to enter the Rs. 2,000 crore club as a consumer brand in India. A lot of their recent success can be traced back to the launch of a mega-brand campaign in 2019 with three different celebrities from different parts of India. 

For the western and northern parts of India, the soap manufacturers signed Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan as their ambassador. For the markets of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, they signed Telugu actor, Mahesh Babu, and for Tamil Nadu and Kerala, they signed Tamil star, Karthi. Not only did these strategies help them reach people from all over the country, but they also helped people hailing from particular regions to instill a feeling of trust in the brand. The combination of this type of dynamic marketing strategy and hyper-local approach is what has helped this brand rule the industry for more than three decades. 

Where did it all begin?

Wipro introduced the world to the brand Santoor back in 1986 by launching the Santoor talcum powder. It was the same year in which Wipro launched the Wipro baby soft ranges. Since the time Santoor hit the markets, it has continuously grown in size and now has become a brand that is trusted and used by millions, all over India. The Santoor brand offers a wide range of products apart from soaps, and they are hand wash, hand sanitizer, baby soaps, and powder. The famous Santoor soaps are made at Wipro’s Bangalore factory with all-natural ingredients, without any artificial chemicals. This has had a huge influence on the brand’s becoming a major household product in India. 

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Women all over the country have different personalities. However, there is one thing that is common amongst all women and that is they want to take good care of their skin and keep it young. So, the people behind the success of Santoor made ‘young soch’ the centre of all their efforts. When people first saw the advertisement about ‘ageless skin’, they got hooked by it, and it is fair to say, they still are. This is also the reason why Santoor soap has become the largest-selling soap brand in South India. The company aims to build on its success through these initiatives. 

The executive director and CEO of DraftFCB Ulka Advertising, Ambi M. G. Parameswaran says, 

“While the theme has remained constant, the Santoor woman has evolved. In the first two years, the Santoor woman was at a wedding ceremony; she was buying bangles; she was buying a book, etc. After that, she began going to aerobics classes, and then after four-five years, we took her to do dress designing. I think that has gone down very well with our consumers.”

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