What Is A Scalable Startup? What Are Its Examples

scalable startup entrepreneurship

Scalable startup entrepreneurship is a business model in which an organization is started based on a unique idea. 

This type of entrepreneurship is fueled by a vision that can potentially change the world. The goal of such entrepreneurs is to find a repeatable and scalable business model. Once they can find that model, they attract venture capitalists to invest funds for their business to grow further. So, in this article, we will talk about five scalable startups in India.

  1. Inshorts

Inshorts is a news aggregator app founded in 2013 by Azhar Iqubal, Deepit Puryakshath, and Anunay Arunay. The app summarizes news articles on different subjects such as sports, technology, politics, business, etc. It is the perfect app for busy readers who can’t take the time to read full-length articles, as this app provides news articles in 60 words.
You can even choose the areas you are interested in, and the app will show you articles about those particular areas.

  1. Mobikwik

MobiKwik was established in 2009 by a husband-wife team of Bipin Preet Singh and Upasana Taku. It is a digital payment company that provides its users with a mobile payment system and a digital wallet. 

MobiKwik started as a website with a locked wallet, but they expanded and included mobile apps. In 2012, the company introduced a digital wallet that allowed its users to make payments online and pay their bills. They also included loans, insurance, IMPS money transfers, mutual funds, and DTH recharge services. 

In 2013, the Reserve Bank of India legalized the MobiKwik wallet, and in 2016, they started granting consumers small loans.

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  1. LimeTray

LimeTray is an online platform for small enterprises in the food industry. It offers a set of tools that will help your business establish a consistent brand presence across the interest to increase your reach and engagement. 

The organization helps restaurants go online with the help of their tools, communicate with their customers, expand their reach, and improve their operational efficiency. 

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  1. Revfin

Revfin is a fintech organization and is on its way to developing the most advanced digital lending platform in the world. It provides its customers with two types of loans:

  • A regular personal loan that can be used for various things and is repaid in equal monthly payments.
  • RevLoan: A revolving credit line that you may access as and when you need it. You can withdraw any amount up to your credit limit.
  1. 3Hcare

3Hcare is a healthcare services marketplace that provides intensive information on the healthcare services offered throughout the country. Its users can search for diagnostic clinics and hospitals on the 3Hcare website. 

The platform provides two types of services, i.e., diagnostics and ‘Plan My Surgery,’ which means that patients can schedule procedures with the best doctors at affordable prices. 


Over the last few years, we have seen significant growth in the number of startups in India. People are shifting from having a job to starting their own business. This trend has given rise to various types of startups, and scalable startup entrepreneurship is one such type of business model.

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