Factors That Affect the Cost of Shared office start up

shared office

Let’s get real for a second; no one likes someone else all up in their business, literally and figuratively. This goes for both, Work-from-home and office. An office is a sacred place for an individual to hang up his hat and get cracking, whether it be over a keyboard or manual work. Office space is not a cheap place to rent and a shared office space comes with its own set of problems. 

Depending on the neighboring offices you are sharing a roof with it, which makes or breaks this system. And the irks and quirks are always coming. 

We’ve made a list;

  1. Who goes Where. and Why.

Shared office spaces have no walls, except for top brass. Employees do not sit in a single file with orders to come; they are generally spread across, with the hopes of making all communications simpler. This is not true; whilst working with others, a bunch of ‘shhh-ing’ goes a plenty. Others are working at the same time as you and it general;y disrupts fluid conversation if not for a dedicated room, privatizing these conversations. And conference rooms are hardly ever empty. 

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  1. Security

When you throw the door open, you cannot expect people to not come marching in. Employees, consultants, delivery men; to each employee his own. This creates a problem of ‘too many people stirring the pot.’ Whilst employee IDs are helpful they cannot rely on 100 percent. All you need is a person to walk in behind someone who just checked in and we have a problem on our hands. 

  1. No space, mo’ issues

One of the most biggest problems concerning shared office space is the inability to spread out on one’s desk. Space is limited, sometimes by the square foot, sometimes by an actual foot. Personal space is right, the ability to make your desk yours truly is imperative, which is usually lost in a shared office space. A ruler or stapler to the other side may cause a mild annoyance, and even worse, a trip to the respective HRs. And a joint de-escalation meeting. 

Yeesh, who wants that?

  1.  Data Privacy

Everything is shared in a coworking environment, coffee mugs and push pins, and so on forth. While coworkers with different fields pose little threat, what about the ones who work for the same cause? Over the years we’ve heard of news concerning steals from spaces, both physical and IP. When two companies who work together, in the same occupation are hit with data breaches, who do you think will they first consider, the right-beside chair or someone on the outside? 

  1. Limited Equipment

All the equipment under the same roof is shared by everyone. Post-its and entertainment aside, if there’s no desk to prop up a laptop, it doesn’t work for the ideal employee. No chair poses the same threat as having slow wifi; a disgruntled, almost-hoping-to-work-from-home employee.  It is important for businesses to invest in the right equipment for their business – even if their coworking space doesn’t have it. 

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