A fast credit card for the fast one: Slice Credit Cards

slice credit card

Everyone needs a credit card, right?

Choosing the right credit card for yourself can be a real head-scratcher. Especially if you are someone new to the world of credit, understanding the ins and outs of it can sometimes take some time. 

But, you need not worry. Slice credit cards are here to make the choice easier for you. 

What is a Slice credit card? 

Slice is a digital lending platform that offers Slice credit cards in collaboration with numerous NBFCs (non-banking financial companies). When you use this card, you can get up to 2% cash back on every transaction through rewards. 

As we said, if you are new to the world of credit, this card comes with relaxed eligibility norms. The best part is that there is no joining or annual fee. 

Let’s get to know Slice a lil’ better

Slice is a lending, banking, finance, and payments company, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It was founded in 2016 by Deepak Malhotra, and Rajan Bajaj, who acts as the CEO of the company. 

Rajan Bajaj started his career as a Business Analyst Intern at the American multinational retail corporation, Walmart. He is a civil engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. 

Another reason why slice credit cards are so popular is because of their creative and innovative marketing strategies.

So, now, we are going to talk about just that. 

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Slice credit card marketing strategies 

Slice has always portrayed itself as a youth-centric brand, and all its marketing campaigns and strategies highlight just that. Through their marketing strategies, they highlight their many features, such as instant cashback, fast onboarding, quick approvals, and many others. 

Their latest advertisement campaigns show how in comparison to the Slice card, everything else is very slow. They made two short films under the campaign and wanted to connect to the youth that wants to live a fast-paced life, and don’t want anything to slow them down. The first ad shows an in-store scenario where the cashier is a slow walrus and takes a lot of time to bill items for a customer. Then comes the young Slice user, who is portrayed by a rabbit, who is eagerly waiting for his turn. He gets tired of waiting and pulls out his Slice credit card and swipes it at the cashier’s head, slicing him and turning the walrus into a rabbit, making the whole billing procedure super quick. 

The second film follows the same pattern as there is another slow animal, a hippo, who is, later on, turned into a super quick cheetah. They are yet to release a third film that will also depict the speed of the Slice credit card. 

These creative ad films and marketing strategies were conceptualized by 82.5 Communications, an advertising agency in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 

The chairman and chief creative officer of 82.5 Communications, Sumanto Chattopadhyay, said, 

“Slice is a unique start-up brand that presented us with something that’s become remarkably rare these days – the opportunity to work on an ad campaign with a single-minded focus. The creative output speaks for itself.”

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