Building a Body-Positive Underwear Brand- Tailor and Circus Owner, Gaurav Durasamy

tailor and circus owner

Lingerie often serves as the base of an ensemble and is something you wear every day without giving it much attention. But it can be seen as an important form of self-expression and a boost of confidence for many. An all-inclusive Indian brand, Tailor and Circus, is on a journey to redefine the experience of wearing undergarments through its body-positivity motto. The company is transforming underwear into a means for people to fit in and feel free by producing undergarments for every body shape, size, and type. And the brand’s marketing reinforces that point by using real individuals to showcase their items rather than fabricating images of the ideal body.

Here, we will look at the story of the man behind this inclusive unisex brand, Tailor and Circus owner, Gaurav Durasamy

Gaurav Durasamy, a clean tech engineer, with his two companions, Vasant Sampath and Abhishek Elango, started Tailor and Circus in 2016. They all belong to diverse backgrounds but came together to form a common brand on the idea of body positivity and inclusion. 

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The main concern behind the idea of the brand came from the fact that underwear, one of the most essential undergarments, is often underestimated. Women’s underwear was not designed for the proper fit, while men’s underwear was not soft enough. There was another issue of overt and hyper-sexualization of female undergarments that led to a compromise between the comfort levels enjoyed by women and the gender bias and hyper-masculinity of men that reduced the softness and interesting options for them. 

After significant research, they successfully arrived at a beechwood model to change the face of the lingerie industry. Tailor and Circus owner, Gaurav Durasamy began with a unisex product in this manner and worked with a material called Micromodal manufactured in Austria from beechwood pulp, a naturally afforesting tree that is abundant and processed locally. They believed this material would be perfect for both sexes. These fibers produce organic and cellulosic fabric, which gives it a significant edge over cotton, making softness their overriding principle. The founders made sure that they adapt to sustainable methods of production, keeping in mind the environmental impacts of the textile industry. The micro modal fabric not only gives their customers a comfortable experience but also uses less water and zero pesticides for its cultivation. These products are made in their factory established in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu. 

Tailor and Circus’ mission for changing norms doesn’t stop here. The brand aims to grow further ahead and develop specialized underwear for various niche groups. For instance, they are aiming to expand their business model for period underwear, trans-inclusive underwear, wheelchair comfort underwear, disposable underwear, and even for astronauts traveling to space. 

Tailor and Circus, an eco-friendly, body-inclusive underwear brand, is creating a safe space for all kinds of customers who were neglected by the unrealistic standards set up by the model-defined innerwear industry. Gaurav Durasamy, with his team, is bringing in a revolution for the lingerie industry through his innovative ideas for a more accepting, original, and representative base.

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