The Face Of Ed-Tech – Byju’s Case Study

Byju’s Case Study

At some point in our school lives, everyone has found ourselves in a packed classroom with a teacher droning on in a monotone voice about something that sounds alien.

We apologize if we brought up some traumatic classroom memories from your school days. The bright side is that none of us has to face that again, thanks to Byju Raveendran, the founder of the Ed-tech platform, Byju’s. In further sections of this article, we will see a brief Byju’s case study. 

You may find this surprising, but Byju Raveendran, who started Byju’s by teaching students on his terrace, was never a bright student himself. During school, he was usually found outside playing cricket, football, badminton, or table tennis. 

However, being the son of two teachers, he had a sharp mind. When starting his teaching career, he jokingly took the MBA entrance exam, which is commonly known as CAT, and managed to bag a 100 percentile. Like others, he couldn’t believe this wasn’t luck; he retook it the following year and scored another 100 percentile. 

The consecutive 100 percentiles got him some fame, and gradually his classes grew in size and shifted from his terrace to bigger and better classrooms. 

He saw his growth potential, and in 2011, he accepted help from his friends at IIM and formed a company called ‘Think and Learn,’ which focused on revolutionizing how students in India learned. This was a spark that gave birth to Byju’s in 2015. 

Byju’s enjoyed the first player advantage in this industry, but that is not the only thing that has kept this platform on the top since its inception. They have a perfect blend of three attributes that make them a success: Content, Media, and Technology

Byju’s has always had a strict policy to hire only excellent and experienced teachers. The teachers then conduct extensive research on any given topic and develop a plan for students to understand them better. That is how they make their content stand out. 

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The team at Byju’s realized that entertainment is something that can make anything enjoyable, and that is how they came up with the term ‘enter-trainment,’ which aims to make learning fun. The teachers are given a script to be followed and are recorded in front of a green screen. The animators at Byju’s showcase their creativity and add animation, special effects, virtual objects, and background effects to the pre-recorded videos. Byju’s makes the best use of media by making boring lectures look entertaining, this captivating the interest of their target audience which is mainly children. 

The whole of Byju’s business model revolves around making the best use of technology. Every student that enrolls with them is provided with a tablet to use. Byju’s ensures that they personalize the learning process for every student with its ‘Exhaustive Learning Graphics.’ Once their system can better understand the student’s learning style, the app can recommend videos and activities accordingly. 

If you are someone or know someone who needs coaching for their school work or some particular competitive exam, Byju’s could be the best platform for you to ace them.

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