Top 10 Liquor Companies in India

Liquor Companies in India

What happens when you mix alcohol and literature? Tequila Mockingbird! Lame jokes aside, we all, at some point, want to drown ourselves in a glass of Tequila, but instead, you will be reading about the top 10 liquor companies in India. 

India is the fastest-growing liquor market globally, which has allowed various top liquor companies in India to grow exponentially. 

Most of us enjoy a drink now and then. Let it be a chilled pitcher of beer or your favorite whiskey on the rocks. So, let’s find out where they come from. 

  1. United Spirits Limited 

Liquor Companies in India united spirits

United Spirits Limited, also known as USL, was founded in the year 1826 and is currently owned by Diageo and Relay B.V. It is considered not only the best liquor company in India but is also one of the best in the world. The company has a 59% market share and has more than 100 brands such as Black Dog, Signature Antiquity, McDowell’s No.1, Royal Challenge, etc. 

  1. Radico Khaitan Limited

Liquor Companies in India radico

Radico Khaitan was established in 1943 and is owned by Dr. Lalit Khaitan, the chairman, and M.D. of the company. It is one of the oldest and largest liquor manufacturers in India. However, it wasn’t till 1999 that the company decided to launch and market its own brands. 

  1. Globus Spirits 

Liquor Companies in India globus spirits

Globus Spirits was established in 1993 under the name Globus Agronics Limited. The company changed its name to its current one in 2007. It is owned by A.K. Swarup and his family own a 94.6% stake in the company. It has made its name as one of the leading players in the Indian liquor industry through its India-made Indian liquor, Indian-made Foreign liquor, bulk alcohol, and IMFL bottling. 

  1. Tilaknagar Industries 

Liquor Companies in India tilaknagar

Tilaknagar Industries was established in 1993, and initially, they were engaged in manufacturing IMFL (Indian-made foreign liquor). However, now the company offers sugar, water & chemicals, and IMFL, apart from having around 50 brands of rum, whiskey, gin, vodka, and brandy. 

  1. Amrut Distilleries 

Liquor Companies in India amrut

Amrut Distilleries is owned by the Jagdale Group and has made its name because of its huge brands of items such as Gold Star Fine Whiskey Blended, Amrut Single Malt, Prestige Blended Malt, MAQ Scotch Blended Whiskey, and Prestige Rate Whiskey. 

  1. G.M. Breweries Limited

G.M. Breweries Limited (GMBL) was established in 1981 by Shri Jimmy William Almeida. It is considered one of the best liquor companies in the county. It is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL) and Country Liquor (CL). Some of their brands include G.M.DOCTOR and G.M.SANTRA. 

  1. Khoday India 

Liquor Companies in India khodaya

Incorporated in 1906, Khoday India started its journey in the silk industry and then slowly made its way into the liquor business. They sell whiskey, malt whiskey, brandy, and white rum under different names. Their brandy brand is called Constantino, and their whiskey brand is called Peter Scot.

  1. Jagatjit Industries Limited

Jagatjit Industries Limited was incorporated in 1944 by Mr. L P Jaiswal, and the company manufactures whiskey, vodka, rum, and gin. 

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  1. Amber Distilleries Limited

Amber Distilleries was established in 1985 and has made its name one of the best liquor manufacturing companies by manufacturing Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL). 

  1. Empee Distilleries Limited

Liquor Companies in India empee

The Empee Group was established in 1970 by Mr. M.P Purushotham. They are involved in various businesses such as sugar and chemicals, power generation, hospitality, property development, and alcoholic beverages.

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