What Business Can One Commence With 10k?

what business can i start with 10k

Being their own boss is an aspiration for many. But how does one pursue it – particularly when they have a budget in mind? To bring their dream to life, would-be entrepreneurs have put in a lot of hard work and dedication coupled with extra efforts and sacrifices to run a lucrative business.

An often heard remark is that coming up with the startup cost is the greatest hindrance to many business ideas. Fear not; even with a capital amount of INR 10,000, you can set up a thriving business with as much potential as any other. 

Here are some ideas for you to wade into if you are looking for a business you can start with 10K:

Social Media Marketing:

The widespread adoption of social media has brought forth the demand for a new marketing niche – that of social media marketing. Every day more and more businesses are entering the social media space to market their products and service. 

To use social media as an effective marketing tool, many firms are looking to hire a dedicated team of individuals specializing in this field. All that is required is a healthy dose of creativity and the ability to take traditional marketing skills and adapt them for social media usage. 

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The blogging sphere is a lucrative area to embrace, particularly if you are looking for a business you can start with 10K. The investment threshold is very low, and all you need to get started is a topic you are proficient in and a few thousand to invest in a domain name and hosting space. And for marketing your blog to the right audience, the might of social media is at your disposal. 

Setup a YouTube Channel:

You may have no doubt heard about how much monetary benefits popular YouTubers rake in. It is stratospheric! While not everyone reaches that level of fame, there is always demand for good content, and you can very much carve your niche in it. 

Once your YouTube channel reaches a certain level of fame, YouTube itself will reward you financially. This is one business you can start with 10K or less. 

Ghost Writing:

Among the list of businesses you can start with 10k, ghostwriting ranks high on the list as, apart from your time, all you need is a dependable clientele. People pay more than reasonable sums of money to have a ghostwriter do the writing for them. 

To get started, read many books to understand how they are written and practice different writing styles. Once you get proficient, you will have clients flocking to your door. 

Graphic Designing:

Graphic designers are creative professionals handling the visual aspects of advertising and marketing. They usually conjure up advertisements and other marketing materials, such as logos and corporate identities. 

Graphic designing is a diverse and well-paying field, with the only significant investment being among this list of businesses you can start with 10k, which is for the specialized software that a designer needs.


Apart from these potential businesses that you can start with 10k in the kitty, there are others that you can try out depending on your abilities and what piques your interest. Before venturing into any, do your due diligence and evaluate your aptitude for the same.

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