What is SaaS startup? Examples

What is SaaS Startup

What is SaaS Startup?

The SaaS full form is Software-as-a-Service. A SaaS provider usually hosts any application for its customers via the internet. The basic premise of SaaS is that it is software hosted on cloud infrastructure. Customers access the software by paying a monthly fee.  

Instead of needing an end-user license, the customer needs to log into the account to get access. The main advantage would be portability, as the customer can access and use the software from any device. 

SaaS companies run on various business models. The most popular ones are:
  1.  Freemium – Under business model the software is for free, and revenue is generated from the premium add-ons that the customers may buy to increase the product’s functionality.
  1.  Subscription – This is the most popular SaaS company business model. In this customers pay a monthly or yearly fee for using your services. 
  1.  Per User – In some instances, the SaaS form charges customers a fee for each user who needs to access the software. 

Types of SaaS Companies:

SaaS companies are versatile and cover all facets of a business. The most popular SaaS products include:

Customer Resource Management (CRM) — CRM applications enable SaaS customers to handle customer information and track sales through their pipeline efficiently.

Bookkeeping and Invoicing: Some SaaS companies offer bill and invoicing services. Yet others have a diverse portfolio of financial tracking and reporting services.

Web Hosting & E-commerce: Remote servers that play hosts to websites and provide server space to handle an e-commerce firms needs. 

Human Resources: SaaS companies offer tools to ease the workload of HR departments. The tools on offer help keep count of employee hours, manage payroll, hiring process, etc.

Many SaaS companies in India are incorporated nearly every other day. In a saturated market, not all have the mettle to last. The most resilient ones that have made their mark are shared here:

  1. Keka

    Since its founding in 2015, Keka is a popular choice of HR and payroll management software used by many organizations.

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  1. Zoho

    Founded in 1996, Zoho Corporation Pvt Ltd. has its headquarters in Chennai. Zoho Corp provides CRM, inventory management, project tracking, a collaborative client portal, and more.
  1. Chargebee

    Since its inception in 2011, Chargebee, as a SaaS company, has strived to help e-commerce businesses. Its subscription-based recurring billing platform interacts with leading payment gateways for automating invoicing and payments and sending email alerts for successful transactions.
  1. Hotelogix

    Hotelogix has been providing cloud-based solutions to the hospitality sector for managing hotels and properties since 2008. This SaaS product helps streamline hotel operations and increases consumer reach and bookings, which ultimately help increase revenue.
  1. HappyFox Inc

Founded in 2011, the USP of HappyFox Inc. is its effortless and potent customer support and complaint management software. Integrating your email accounts with your website ensures that all support requests received get resolved. 

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