10 Extra Precautions You Must Take To Beat The New Covid-19 Strain

We have a new police tolling the streets- Coronavirus. And no it’s not the same one that was there last year. This is a new covid strain which is basically a double mutation of its former self and it’s blowing people’s and doctors minds with its new characteristics. There’s panic all around. However, we also know that charity begins at home and we can beat this pandemic with quite a few and simple precautions for the new Covid-19. Let us all gear up for winning this war soon.

Welcome it with closed masks and a splash of sanitizer

Always keep sanitizers handy. Do not, and I repeat, do not ever let anything that enters your house, be it veggies or fruits or groceries, enter your house without getting sanitised. And ALWAYS use an N95 mask or a proper surgical mask, whichever you find near you easily. Masks are literally the only shield we have right now, except vaccines but even after getting jabbed, you need to wear a mask to take proper precautions for the new covid-19

Stay at home and abide by all the rules:

Try to stay at home as much as possible since this new Covid strain is much more contagious. Do not go out until absolutely necessary and even then, wash your clothes and disinfect them as soon as you reach home. It is an absolute necessity and not a simple errand. Abide by the rules that your government has implied in your area. It’s high time everyone took this pandemic seriously.

Beware! Public transports are the new hell:

Public transports are where you can catch the variants of the Covid-19 strain the most. It is a death trap. Even if you travel by cab, remember to switch off the AC to stop recirculation of air inside the cab and also sanitise every seat and parts of the cab you will come in contact with before boarding the vehicle. This is one of the very important precautions for new covid-19 that people forget to take often. Also do keep watch that your driver is wearing a mask.

Stay Hydrated!:

I am sure your mom, teacher, neighbour, literally everyone has told this to you at one point in time or the other. I cannot emphasize how important this is during this pandemic. One way to beat the coronavirus is by upgrading our own immunity and water is the first one in that way. Keep your bottles filled, your thirst quenched(literally) and boost your immunity.

Ayurvedic help can also be sought:

Chawanprash and kadha will not decrease coronavirus daily cases but will surely increase your immunity. Also, nasal application of Ghee or sesame oil is supposed to be a good form of immunity booster as well.

Practice Yoga and Meditation: 

As the new variant of the covid-19 virus ushers in a surge of new coronavirus daily cases, very little is talked about the impact that is happening by Covid-19 on mental health. Lockdown has been horrible for every mental health patient and the news adds to the panic. Yoga and meditation help during such times to release stress and calms the mind. It also helps us be mindful and keep our mind and brain healthy. Remember, the brain is always the boss. You need to cater for its needs before anything else or the whole office might come crashing down.

Get jabbed quick:

Vaccination is the only antidote we have during such times. The new variant of the Covid-19 virus is one with a double mutation and is deadly in every aspect. Even while taking so many precautions for the new Covid-19, do keep in mind that vaccination is absolutely necessary. So take your dose at the earliest. It’s the best we can do so that this pandemic gets over quickly and we get to travel to those holiday destinations we have always wanted to.

Move your body:

This may not sound like a precaution for the new Covid-19 so much, but it is needed indeed. Since all of us have been stuck in our houses for what seems like forever, we need to do at least some amount of workout every day to keep ourselves at the minimum best. The lack of exercise can result in digestive problems, lack of productivity, mood swings, obesity and a load of other problems. I am sure that is the last that you want right now. So do a minimum of 30 mins of exercise every day.

Add power to your diet:

Pack in as much power as you can in your diet. This is one of the best ways to beat this deadly new mutant of coronavirus. Add antioxidants and fibre to your diet. Eat healthy every day. Having a proper diet affects every part of your body, and hence the immunity too. The new covid strain is one that lowers immunity and by building a strong one you are actually putting up a fight in its face.

Educate and be Aware:

Education is the most important thing for children and the elderly to spread awareness amongst all. Teach them about all the variants of the Covid-19 virus and how the new one is a coronavirus with double mutation. Also, tell them about the coronavirus daily cases across the world and the nation and let them have an idea about the seriousness of the situation. Only when people are aware of the problem, will they start taking precautions for new covid-19. Otherwise, it will be treated like another fever and the mortality rates will rise again.

It’s going to dawn a day soon when we will be seeing the joyful smiles of people again, will hug our dear ones happy and not attack our parcels or even letters with a bucket of sanitiser. That day coronavirus will be history, the double mutation will be history, the pandemic will be a story for history pages and travel destinations will adorn our albums. But for this beautiful picture to turn to reality these precautions for the new Covid-19 should be followed like every holy book on Earth. Let us all heal together.

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