Salon To Startup – The Journey Of Akash Anand’s Bella Vita Organic

Akash Anand’s Bella Vita Organic

We all know the saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” The beginnings of Akash Anand, Bella Vita Organic are a testament to this statement.

Bella Vita Organic started as a Gurgaon-based salon chain run by the mother-daughter duo Anju and Ashima Anand.
Instead of opting for mass-market beauty products, they replaced them with home remedies. These became popular among the clientele and were the USP of their salon.

When Anju’s son, Akash Anand, saw this, he quickly realized that the home remedies were a lucrative business opportunity. The MBA Marketing graduate from Northumbria University quit his 9-5 job without any further ado after deciding to help convert the prospect into a full-fledged business.

Brand Philosophy:

The bedrock of the Bella Vita brand is to produce and sell organic, chemical, and cruelty-free products made with natural ingredients inspired by ancient ayurvedic practices.

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The Early Days:

During the early days of Bella Vita Organic, the products were made at home on a small scale and sold in their salons.
In 2018, Bella Vita Organic was launched as a direct-to-consumer brand.
Bella Vita identified a manufacturer capable of handling the required volumes to cater to the growing demand. The success of other D2C skincare brands gave them the confidence to place their products in the limelight.

Business Model:

The business model of Akash Anand, Bella Vita Organic revolves around affordability and catering mainly to Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. Pricing their products with affordability is a significant factor contributing to their success.

As the business became successful, the family closed down three of their four salons, retaining only one in Gurgaon. They decided to keep one in operation as the client base was a good source of feedback for new products. They also helped popularize the products through word of mouth.

Growth and Revenue:

From a revenue of 6.4 crores in FY 2019-20, Bella Vita’s sales jumped five times to touch 32 crores. Being affordable has worked in their favor, and they also have a supportive online community promoting their products organically.

Making available their products on eCommerce sites such as Amazon and Health Mug has further helped boost their sales. The company moved to set up its manufacturing facility, which helped cut costs and further boost its bottom line.


Bella Vita Organic’s balance sheet has been black since its inception. It is an anomaly in the startup scene in which many startups have struggled with being profitable.

With an extensive skincare portfolio at its disposal and plans to produce Ayurveda-enriched make-up, Bella Vita Organic intends to keep its foot firmly on the growth pedal.

On the back of a $10 million investment by Ananta Capital, Bella Vita Organic intends to invest in R&D for more innovative products and grow into a Rs 500 crore annual revenue brand within a few years.

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