Best Small Business Ideas for Rural Areas

Best Small Business Ideas for Rural Areas

Being self-reliant or Aatmanirbhar has become the new motto of people from all walks of life, including the rural area of India. It is something that has helped entrepreneurs to take up risks and be confident in their approach. The initiative of making people self-reliant is mainly focused on the small city entrepreneurs rather than the prominent city entrepreneurs. Gandhi once said, “development in its real sense begins from the progression of people in the rural areas,” and the Government of India firmly believes this even after 73 years of independence. Even though agriculture is considered the main source of income, other small business ideas for rural areas can be explored further. 

Small Business Ideas for Rural Areas

70% of the population of India resides in villages or small towns. This drives the urgency for entrepreneurs in rural areas to follow in the steps of prominent entrepreneurs. There are several business ideas for rural areas to expand their knowledge horizons and build an Aatmanirbhar nation. Here are some of the business ideas for emerging entrepreneurs in rural areas:

  • Retail store

business ideas for rural areas Retail store

One of the easiest and highly beneficial business ideas for rural areas is opening a retail or Kirana store. Opening a retail store can help the people from the marked regions quickly gain access to essential needs. Also, the option of opening a Kirana store is never out of demand but a more feasible small business option. 

  • Flour mill

business ideas for rural areas Flour mill

Another most feasible small business idea is starting a flour mill. Now, you may think, why a flour mill? In most cases, people in rural areas are always short of flour. Unlike urban areas, the people belonging to the rural areas don’t stock on expensive packed flours. Thus, opening a flour mill in a village is one of the best small business ideas for rural areas of India.

  • Clothing store

business ideas for rural areas Clothing store

A critical problem the people of rural India face is the availability of quality clothing. People have to travel miles and miles every day to get affordable and basic clothes that are durable. Thus, opening a clothing store in a village is highly profitable and beneficial. If you open a clothing store and meet the demands of the latest trends at an affordable price, your store’s profit margin increases, and it becomes beneficial for the people in the rural area. 

  • Poultry/Livestock Farming

business ideas for rural areas  Poultry/Livestock Farming

 Poultry/livestock farming is one of the more convenient business ideas for rural areas that is worth a try. Poultry products are in high demand in both urban and rural India. Having a poultry/livestock farm will help you earn more by investing less.

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To conclude, we can say that the above small business ideas for rural areas are very beneficial and profitable to rural India. They will undoubtedly make rural India self-reliant. After all, “Aathmanirbharath par naare.”

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