How to start a Candle Business

candle Business

Candles have always been part of our lives; be it our first birthday party, an anniversary, or a general celebration event, candles have always been a symbol of your wishes coming true. If you cherish candle-making and love the memories they invoke, we are here to provide you with a chance to earn from your passion. Present a guide to starting a candle business. So go ahead, make a wish, blow out the candle and rejoice!

Fire up the Basics

Be it to invoke the holiday spirit, light up a dark house, or set aglow your romantic evening, candles are the best way to make your surroundings smell great with some soft lighting as a bonus. And who wants a candle that doesn’t smell good? Thus, it is important to ensure you know the basics of candle making and also develop a few unique scents that you want to offer. Factors such as a good burn time and a permeating and lasting scent are also to be taken into consideration.

You must ensure your candle line stands out in a business where many compete. You can experiment with a few creative ideas based on trends in the market or ensure your candles have a unique standpoint. Affordable candles which smell good always sell, but you’ll need to make sure your brand stands out in a very saturated market.

Create a business plan

How to start a Candle Business

Every successful business has a well-researched business plan that meets the achievable goals and will keep your business afloat. If you are unsure of a business plan, you can use a business template to help with the process.

Name your business baby.

How to start a Candle Business

A catchy name related to your business is always an excellent first step to your branding and image. A good term for your business must not be too long and can be easily remembered by customers. If your desired name is available, reserve your domain name and social media handles before someone else grabs them.

What are you selling?

How to start a Candle Business

While it is evident that you want to start a candle business, also think about other products you might want to sell. Diffusers and essential oils are also a good source of income. Ask yourself questions about the production cost, whether you will take custom orders and how much you will charge for your product. 

Having a business plan will help you move forward in starting your candle business.

License, please

How to start a Candle Business

A legal business license can be obtained to operate a business from the state licensing organization to register the business legally. Even for a small business, acquiring a business license is equally essential for a big corporation or big company. Smaller startups can register as a sole proprietor as an alternative to a corporation or LLP. 

Where’s the store?


Are you taking your business online immediately or starting local? It is always good to start small and observe how your products are doing in a localized setting before taking it online. Ensure you look at the data and then decide where your store is going to be located. At the same time, you build brand loyalty and get customer feedback.

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Supplies galore


You might resort to buying supplies at a small scale as the orders come in. Still, as your business grows, this will decrease your profit, so purchasing supplies in bulk from a wholesale supplier will save money before you accept any large orders. Sourcing affordable suppliers can help you choose the right one for your business. Some supplies you might need are:

  • Wax such as paraffin, gel, soy, beeswax, or another type
  • Wicks
  • Containers for candles
  • Fragrances such as essential oils
  • Coloring agents
  • Shipping and packaging supplies

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Don’t forget to market

How to start a Candle Business marketing

Marketing your business is essential once you have your business name set to go. Choosing social media to sell your candle business is the ideal move as it’s fun, and you will have the creative freedom to try out and find the best marketing strategy.
If you want to take your candle business to the next level, the steps above can help you pair your passion for candles with a solid execution plan. The end reward could be a candle business that offers profit and creative joy for years to come.

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