How Do I Get My First Client? Secrets Revealed 

How Do I Get My First Client? Secrets Revealed 

The first step is to launch a business, develop the product, and find your first client. It is much easier said than done.

Most start-ups wait for their first client because product development and planning gives way to money. Pitching with your first client regarding investments will be a lot more complicated than you imagine. You might wonder what you did wrong.

If you are struggling to find some clients for your business? then this article is for you. It will help you get your first client. Here are some suggestions for how to find a client.

Get a piece of knowledge about the market

It is very crucial to land the first sale. If you are thinking about how to reach a client,  

Having proper knowledge about your market will enhance your skills to convince them to get your service. First, do some research to understand the potential clients and industry? 

Knowledge about the needs of your potential client is the key to landing your first client. If you do not have the right approach, your hard work will shatter in a few seconds.

Evaluation of competition is essential. It would be best to determine what you can offer to fill the niche and be at your competitors. Always be open to the fact that only offering original products will not be satisfactory. It might need some changes and improvement. Therefore, you should keep focusing on learning the client’s needs.

  • Be transparent

If you are thinking about how to get clients, then transparency is the key to success. Being transparent in the business is the most crucial thing. Transparency is one of the essential factors of trust. So always be open with the potential client about your product. Tell them clearly about what your product can deliver do not make any fake promises.

You can ensure the payment and contractual terms. You will do everything correctly with the client until the final step comes. If they see that you are not upfront with your words and price, it will destroy every hard work. So before making a final deal, tell everything about your product to your client. It will build more trust between you and your client.

If you cannot deliver the customer’s needs, then accept your fault and propose another way to solve the problem. Keep in mind that you should never over promise your client. 

  • Take advantage of social media.

Are you thinking about how to pitch to my first client

Taking advantage of social media power can help you to get your first paycheque. If you are not available on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, you are missing a lot. Potential clients need some way to contact you for your service. You can boost your business through social media accounts.

Nowadays, marketing channels are more crucial than social media. You can join or develop any community on many social media accounts which focus on something relevant to the business. Use social media to interface and build your trust with your potential clients.

It would be best if you focused on engagement. For instance, if you sell massage oil, you can ask the massage oil Facebook community if you are a part of the favourite body massage tips and share your own.

  • Be consultative

If you are searching about how to get my first client”, then always approach every client as their consultant. Don’t show them your salesman approach. Your goal must be to help the client to solve their problem, not to sell any product. Always listen and be open to your client.

Every solution will be based on your client’s needs and then demonstrate the solution based on the client’s problem. Thus, you can make some creative solutions rather than sticking to a script.

Always listen more than you speak. If you are not talking about your product between your customer’s problems, they will not trust you with their money. Do not try to sell your products by making fake promises keep it clear.

  • Use the trick of inbound marketing

Use this trick to get clients, pull marketing or inbound marketing. This trick is used to draw the prospectus of your website and will increase visibility and brand awareness. You can also do this by producing some valuable content about your industry. Create a keyword-rich article that utilizes SEO practices. You can also do some cross-promotion with the related website.

You can use some examples of valuable content to add some effort to your YouTube videos or blog posts. It will offer some helpful information to the potential customers. For instance, if you sell somebody products, you can create videos about healthy habits to keep the body fit.

  • Make a personal relationship

Finding out clients is about getting personal and relationship management with people. Once you find a client showing interest in your company, develop some connection with them. You can find out their needs and wants. It will help you to know them more and sell your products with ease.

Always focus on solving the problems of your clients. You can identify the weakness which you can demonstrate and address authority in the subject. Explain the problem with a helpful attitude and personable manner. It will build trust between your client and you. The desire for the product will increase more, and the first client pulls the trigger. They will buy it from you once you build trust.

  • Build your network

Suppose you are thinking about “my first client” networking is the best option to achieve that goal. Networking means going beyond social media. You can visit the event which is relevant to a business such as conferences and seminars. You must meet each person there. To find potential clients, most people rely on online platforms. But networking is an old school trick to find clients quickly.

Be shameless and bold to promote yourself. This might get difficult in the post-pandemic world. But, you can find out the way to get into people’s interactions.

You can follow up with someone after networking and do not wait for too long. If you wait a couple of weeks before reaching out to them again, then they might have forgotten all about you. There you have missed a chance.

  • Create your online presence

Nowadays, it is impossible to get clients without an online presence. You should design professional websites and accounts on multiple social media platforms to allow the potential client to follow your service. Potential clients will need some information to find out about your business on their own. Social media accounts or websites will give them away to contact your business if they like it.

Always keep an eye on the individual needs and other information to prepare for some future interactions. The potential clients will be impressed by your notice. They will trust and like you more.

  • Demonstrate the value

Client marketing is a must thing to do in the list of my first client In client marketing and trust is a very crucial thing. But you will have to demonstrate the product value also. You can show particularly how the product can help your clients to achieve their goals. Also, verify your customer service and also anticipate the needs.

You can use the conversations to know about their needs and wants. It will help you to develop a customized pitch that can hit every possible market. You can also create a presentation for the customer who addresses every point. The customer will be happy that you have noticed their previous questions.

  • Don’t be afraid to lose

Being a start-up, you will need the first client badly. But this doesn’t mean you will do things that don’t make any sense for the business. Do not let the potential client lose your valuable time.

If they tend to talk with you constantly, but you cannot get them forward, then they do not want your much time. Thank them, and then move on to your next potential client.

Always set a hard deadline. After that deadline, you thank the client for their time given and then move on. Your time is much more valuable than that of any other prospect. You can find other potential clients who will take an interest, move on.

Keep your client happy

The main fundamental rule of keeping the client is to maintain client management after the sale. Once you land a deal with a client, do not ignore the client management. It will build up trust between you and your client. They will come back again. Make sure that your product is up to the mark, and your customer service is good.

You can also take help from any customer management software. It will help you to track the interaction with the customers. So you ensure that there are no problems after the sale.


Getting your first client is a very tough task. You can go through the above tips, which will help. Remember building trust is more important than making a sale. It will help you generate more and more clients.

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Getting a first client for a start-up is like finding happiness in a depressing world. Clients come to every business by looking at their presentation and online presence. Once you learn about how to reach clients, you will excel in getting sales.

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