The Caffeinated Market and the Booming Trend of Coffee Shop Startups

coffee shop startup

Who knew that a rich dark liquid would end up capturing the imagination of many people around the globe and also give a significant boost to economies across the world? Due to its status as one of the most traded commodities, it may concern people that demand could outweigh supply. But, for now, there’s enough of the precious coffee bean to go around. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we are talking about coffee!

More than two million cups of the heady brew are consumed in India every day. For many individuals, having a cup of coffee to begin the day is non-negotiable. Whether it is getting on the artisanal coffee bandwagon or the traditional home-brewed variety, there are plenty of choices to spoil the Indian coffee aficionado with. 

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Reasons Behind Coffee Shop Startup Popularity:

The coffee shop startup has seen its patronage increase in a largely tea-drinking nation by leaps and bounds. One need not look too far for a reason. The rise of an aspirational middle-class availability of world-class experiences such as comfortable ambiance, conducive work spaces, WiFi, etc., are some of the ingredients propelling the coffee shop startup’s popularity. 

According to TechSci Research report, India’s love affair with the coffee shop startup has grown at a rate of 11% annually between 2016-2021.

Emergence of Cafe Culture in India:

Cafe culture has been brewing in India ever since coffee shop startup Barista first opened its doors all those years ago. At the time, tea was still the beverage of choice –  something Barista being ahead of its time, couldn’t change. But Cafe Coffee Day and other coffee shop startups continued to popularise coffee in India. 

Many new-age coffee chains and artisanal brands, including Blue Tokai, Third Wave Coffee, Dope Coffee, and Sleepy Owl, are making their presence felt in the Indian coffee market. What’s more, they have firm expansion plans on the anvil and are looking to establish a pan-India presence.  In addition to these coffee shop startups, direct-to-consumer artisanal coffee brands enjoy brisk sales as urban Indians take to coffee as their beverage of choice. 


As a brand new wave of coffee shop startups emerges, they are going beyond roasting and serving gourmet coffee to their customers. They also strive to provide an immersive experience by allowing their customers to choose their coffee beans that have them enjoying a coffee tailormade to their tastes. Thus the coffee shop startup wave not only fuels conversation on myriad topics among friends, but the humble brew has also placed itself up front and centre of the conversation. 

Urbanisation occurring at a fast pace, steadily increasing disposable incomes, and the young who are embracing the cafe culture in large numbers are all creating a favourable environment for the coffee shop startup to prosper in India. 

The country’s coffee consumption has never looked so promising and optimistic as it does now. With trendy cafe chains pulling out all the stops to cater to the newly found coffee lovers, the upward momentum in favour of coffee consumption will be prevalent for years to come.

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