Dabur’s success story: A business perspective

Daburs success story

A company that has made its name as an FMCG leader in India over the last 100 years: Dabur, is a business success story that inspires many budding entrepreneurs. 

Dating back to 1884, Dr. S.K. Burman, was dedicated to treat his patients with ayurvedic medicines in the British capital of India, Calcutta. Encouraged by his patients’ strong faith in his ways, S.K. Burman started his company from a small clinic, which we now know as Dabur. Let’s talk about Dabur’s success story and get to know the company’s humble beginnings. 

Let’s get to know Dabur better 

Dr. S.K. Burman founded Dabur in 1884. The company got its name from ‘Da’ from Daktaar (Bengali pronunciation for Doctor) and ‘Bur’ from the Doctor’s last name, Burman.

Back in the 19th century, diseases like malaria and cholera were life-threatening. After seeing how effective ayurvedic medicines proved to be, Dr. Burman decided to start mass production of his medicines. 

His son, C.L. Burman, succeeded him and started India’s first Research and Development center for ayurvedic medicine. Dabur started to become a nationwide success and, in 1996, became a public limited company. 

The Dabur success story 

The company saw potential to serve the entire nation with low-cost, high-quality ayurvedic products for personal care. Dabur decided that everyone should have healthy hair and introduced Dabur Amla Hair Oil in 1940. It became the most significant selling hair oil in the country. 

Dabur did not stop there. They continue their success story and now have hair care, skin care, oral care, and even foods. 

Amla Hair Oil, Lal Dant Manjan, Vatika, and Dabur Honey are products that you would find in every Indian household.

However, Dabur never forgot why it was started in the first place. Healthcare always remained to be the primary focus of the company. 

The company has health supplements, digestives, natural cures, and baby care products. Over the years, Dabur has had leadership in the Ayurvedic and herbal product market despite the entry of new big players. 

We all have enjoyed the taste of those Hajmola tablets, a leader in the herbal digestives market, and Dabur Chyawanprash is a product that no child in India grows up without.

The company ensures that they take utmost care of the infants in this country, as Dabur Lal Tail racks up all the top shelves in the baby massage oil sector. 

Dabur’s success story

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If we have to determine the single most significant factor in the success story of Dabur, that is innovation. Started as a small clinic in Calcutta, Dabur has become a household name in almost every sector in the country. After being the market leader for such a long time, many aspiring entrepreneurs use the story of Dabur as inspiration. 

After being a market leader for the last 138 years, Dabur only seems to be growing with time.

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