The Biscuit of the masses: Parle-G


It has been a savior of hungry souls young and old alike for decades; it has been a companion, sometimes sacrificing itself in the boiling depts of cutting chai for our sake. Whether looking for a nutritional substitute or just something to munch on after a long day of work or study, Parle-G biscuit has been a constant go-to for the Indian masses. Possessing a 70% market share in the biscuit sector, one can’t argue that Parle-G biscuit has achieved success while maintaining its integrity. So how did Parle-G become the legend that it is today? Today we embark on learning the story of this iconic and beloved brand.

In 1929, Mohanlal Dayal’s family had purchased a factory to manufacture confectionery. Chauhan was inspired by the Swadeshi movement and decided to sail to Germany to learn confectionery making. He returned, armed with the required skills and machinery (imported from Germany for Rs 60,000), and thus the brand Parle was born. 

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Parle-G biscuit started its journey in 1939 when Parle Product Pvt. Ltd decided to venture into the biscuit realm. World War II was raging on during this time, and biscuits were considered a luxury. Parle Gluco was, thus, an affordable source of nourishment that was locally made for the Indian palate. The humble Parle-G biscuit quickly became popular due to its easy accessibility and nourishing abilities. The brand stood out with their cream-colored, yellow-stripped, wax-paper wrapper with a photo of a cute young girl containing 10-12 biscuits. Parle Gluco’s instant success also attracted dozens of “Glucose biscuit” competitors, so to make the biscuits stand out, the Biscuit was renamed Parle-G biscuit (G for Glucose) and a new plastic wrapper featuring the cherubic girl, along with the tagline-“Often imitated, never equaled.” Over the years, many biscuit varieties came and went. However, nothing much has changed. Even after 70 years, it is still known for its superior quality and taste.

Parle Products has been one of India’s foremost pioneers of the biscuit and confectionery industry. The massive success of Parle-G biscuits resulted in the Parle brand being associated with affordability, nutrition, quality, and taste. While the industry peers such as Britannia and Indian Tobacco Company (ITC) have positioned themselves as a champion of premium segments, Parle Products is still known as an affordable or budget brand among the Indian masses. Today, Parle G sells over a billion packets a month, around a hundred million packets every month, or 14,600 crore biscuits in the entire year, which adds up to 121 biscuits (!!!) each for 1.21 billion Indians.

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