Read This Before Starting A Digital Marketing Internship

Read This Before Starting A Digital Marketing Internship

In today’s era of digitization, every tiny institution wants to create an influential online presence. This is because they know that no consumer in today’s date will step out of the house to enquire about the product they want to buy. This is because, with one click on their cellphones, they can easily compare the market rates of their desired product. With the help of websites and social media handles, many small organizations have touched their rates of success, and the one who knows it has achieved his or her goals quicker than others. This is why choosing a proper digital marketing internship is considered so important.

What does a digital marketing internship entail?

Digital marketing has revolutionized the way of business and thus there exist millions of brains who seek a career in this sector. There also exists even a handsome salary for the fresher employees but also demands a standardized work and target level performance each time. 

With both paid and unpaid digital marketing internships available, one should understand that the experience, skills, and abilities that one gains matter in the end.

So, to get you onboard, here are some of the important things to look out for before starting a digital marketing internship:

  • An affiliation and a certification are a must because, without them, the internship has no value. Working for a recognized organization can have a great impact on one’s personality and can buy one, the best job in the future.
  • Proper deadlines can teach a fresher intern, real-world work strategies and time management skills.
  • Flexible schedules help ensure that you can prepare yourself for optimal performance based on your responsibilities.
  • Depending on your requirements, do check if the organization offering the digital marketing internship provides a follow-up job placement or not.

Need for a Digital Marketing Internship

An online presence can be very effective if and only if it is presented in a very standardized manner. The media handles can turn a wow factor if a technologically matured individual paves the path. This job can be perfectly accomplished by a teenager and also by a very equipped individual of a certain age. Teenagers, nowadays, are creative enough to assemble certain stuff to make their social media profile look attractive. Once it can grab the eyeballs of potential customers, the business grows with the weapon of good reviews and recommendations.

Once the organization recognizes the importance of the online presence, it tries to maintain it in a certainly effective way. To make it reach more and more potential customers, the handle needs to be given a creative touch-up. Due to this, they offer internships, where the interns are offered a tiny buck of currency and a chunk of experience.

Interns under different organizations have different work to do such as coding, interviewing, assisting, and so on. The companies work with professionals who are in the age group of the mid-30s to 50s. To add a trendy perspective to their work, they put out an opportunity to hire the youths. An intern doesn’t need to be physically present in the office room. Many digital marketing internships also offer a work-from-home facility, where the individuals can work for a couple of hours and earn a petty sum of money.

Skills and Abilities

It is said that for getting an internship opportunity, one should possess the qualification of a graduate. It may be a bachelor’s degree in communication, media, digital marketing, or in the journalism field. However, there too exists many organizations and small-scale event companies that offer Jobs to even 12th pass-outs. So, one should contain immense abilities to work collaboratively with the team and every level of staff members. In addition to excellent verbal and written communication skills, knowledge of social media platforms is also a great addition, to begin with. Other technical stuff like Adobe Photoshop, WordPress, etc. can be taught in no time. So lastly, it is the dedication and confidence that one requires to hold an offer letter.

Duties and Responsibilities

In the initial period of the internship, an individual will be assigned a range of duties designed to enhance the knowledge of digital marketing strategies. An intern will be provided to work with the team members and also be given the responsibilities of generating content and deliverables for specific client goals and objectives. It includes creating and implementing social media strategies as well as generating new ideas and ways for the business. Assisting email marketing, campaigns, and creating monthly reports do provide invaluable knowledge to the interns during that period. With constructive feedback from the superiors and staff members, one can learn strategies and gain experiences to meet the standards and expectations that the company wants to extract.

Benefits of a Digital Marketing Internship

Internship in a digital marketing business is not everyone’s cup of tea. In this kind of competitive sector, it is harder to find an opportunity in a reputed institute. Entering into such a cohort of professionals carves abilities with perfection and compels one to acquire skills to perform better in upcoming events. In addition to experience, this field can buy an individual, effective ways and ideas to increase professional networks. A marketing intern with all his experience and skills grows a lot for being the best in his way.

Do’s and Don’ts in your Digital Marketing Internship

  • Asking questions

During the internship, it is the time for an individual to absorb and learn. Asking questions is fine if it is required. Also one needs to be super-mindful when the work is being interpreted.

  • Take on a new task

Committing mistakes is normal but not taking on assignments in the fear of getting unfamiliar tasks is supremely wrong. A task without trying can never make the individual rule over it.

  • Be so sure but not a flatterer

During the period of internships, one should build more and more connections that can turn helpful in future endeavours. Striking meaningful conversations and performing in sensible discussions can make people be friends more effectively. Also remember, being too pushy and flattering can carry a cheap image and can turn the tables super down.

  • Never overwork yourself

Working for long hours without break intervals can fade away the creativity from the assignments. As the digital marketing sector demands tonnes of creativity, this can result in hindering the productivity and quality of the work assigned.

  • Manage your time

Producing work at a delivered deadline can leave a meaningful impact. So, one needs to possess good time management skills and management competency while assigned as an intern. This is gonna serve a fruitful result in the future if maintained properly.

  • No fun when at work

Conversations and discussions are okay but to a certain limit. These sectors need creative, yet analytical brains who can not only imagine but can also implement the ideas in the work field.

Job Options in the Digital Marketing Sector

Digital marketing internships are made to help the youths understand if they want to choose a career in it or not. After working as an intern, if the individual wants to pursue his career in this field, then he needs to have excellent English proficiency with a lot of creativity loaded in his head. Also, the individual needs to have a decent bachelorette degree because no organization would hire the 12th pass out as a full-time worker.

Some of the well-known jobs in this sector are as follows:

  • Digital Marketing Manager

It is known to be one of the highest positions in the sector of digital marketing. One should have a prior experience of five to seven years in the digital marketing sector to attain the position of digital marketing manager and digital director. The person at this position looks after the overall marketing development. He/she is also responsible for driving more and more traffic through digital marketing campaigns with a white-collar package.

  • Web Developer and Web Designer

These people are the creators of the amazing sites that grab the attention of a large audience. Web developers and web designers are two different roles and are responsible for their specific works. Web developers require knowledge of Java scripts, HTML, and web programming and are responsible for designing, coding, as well as modifying websites with amazing content.

  • Social Media Executive and Social Media Manager

These are considered to be one of the coolest jobs in social media. The jobholders keep an eye on the social media trends and plan accordingly with the content team, producing quality content to keep the social media handles interesting for the users.

  • SEO Executive

Executive promotes the company website. The job holder is responsible for getting more and more traffic on the website and also makes sure that the content of the site is search-friendly and attractive enough to be searched.

  • SEM Experts

The jobholder generates leads for the company and manages PPC keywords, split ad groups, proofread landing pages, and provides suggestions for ad copies and graphics. There is a huge demand for this job among various companies.

  • Content Marketers

This job is all about having a creative mind. The job holder makes the media platforms more attractive to bind the interest of the users. A content marketer coordinates with other teams incorporating quality content on the handles and the website while earning a handsome package of salary.

  • Other Roles

Different digital marketing designations depend upon the requirements of different companies. Apart from the above-mentioned job roles, there also exist other roles as mentioned below:

  1. Analytics Manager
  2. CRM Manager
  3. Email Marketing Manager
  4. E-Commerce Manager


The practice of digital marketing is increasing and improving the advancement in technology. More and more opportunities for the youths are created by the companies, which directly contribute to the country’s economy, raising its bar higher and higher. Companies are now hiring for digital marketing roles from the best MBA colleges in India. Also, this has increased the rates of profits in various businesses through the spread of ads and campaigns. The internship programs help the young workers to gain experiences and to prove themselves as game-changers in the sector. The world is changing rapidly. Digitization is one of the pivotal aspects of almost every successful business in today’s era. So, a good grip of the knowledge of digital marketing always pays off.

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