How To Get Admissions To The Best MBA Colleges In India

How To Get Admissions To The Best MBA Colleges In India

Choosing an MBA as a career is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not only does it require unpinched determination and dedication, but also a good financial support system is needed for the accomplishment of this course. Along with that, candidates should have a clear-cut idea about what they are getting into before they enter this stream of study. Last, but not least, the MBA eligibility exams are another important aspect that aspirants have to go through before getting into any of the best MBA colleges in India.

Eligibility Criteria

The basic criteria an individual should possess for getting an opportunity in any of the best MBA colleges in India is scoring 50% in a bachelor’s degree from any recognized institution. The top colleges and universities have different components that determine the eligibility of MBA admission, but they are more or less similar. The acceptability depends upon the MBA exam scorecard, too. For example, IIMs accept CAT exam scorecards, NMIMs accept NMAT scorecards, and so on.

Here is a list of some of the Best MBA Colleges in India:

1. Indian Institute of Management (IIM Ahmedabad)

It is one of the best MBA colleges in India which consists of a course fee of about rupees 23 lakhs and has a record of 100% placements all over the world. Also, all other IIMs Have great reputations across the country.

The top institutions start their admission processes mid-July or August and end 2-3 months after that. So, one needs to be on the lookout for all the news that comes in the way. Along with that, the admission criteria also need to be known. The AICTE guidelines are stated for every PGDM course in India under IIMs.

2. Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSOM IIT Kharagpur)

This institution provides the best of its education in the course fees of rupees 10.3 lacs and ensures all its pupils a median salary of rupees 16.99 per annum. The batches of this prestigious institution witness the active participation of eminent recruiters who offer diverse job roles across multiple domains.

VGSOM has similar admission criteria to that of IIMs since they are basically on the same rung of the ladder among the best MBA colleges in India. There is a need for at least 60% in graduate degrees for eligibility. The CAT percentile requirement is quite high though in the case of this college. Well, there’s a reason it’s an IIT, right?

3. Department of Management Studies, (IIT Delhi)

It has been placed in a top-ranked category among all Indian business schools. It ensures a salary of Rupees 20 lacs per annum with the course fees of about rupees 9.6 lacs to 9.89 lacs.

The submission of applications starts here after the declaration of CAT results. Following that, the PI list is released and the candidates aspiring to be a part of this prestigious institution sit for the interviews. The fee policy is also reasonable and dignified. Thus, adding it to our list of best MBA colleges in India.

4. Xavier’s School of Management, Jamshedpur

It is one of the oldest business schools in the country and has a different policy than the rest. It conducts its own aptitude test thus making the competition quite different. The Xavier Aptitude Test or XAT is being held online now for the pandemic, but the rest of the criteria remains the same.

Xavier’s course fees range between rupees 12 Lac to 35.4 lacs. This business school ensures an annual salary of a minimum of 18 lacs.

5. National Institute of industrial engineering, Mumbai

Among the number of institutes that provide the utmost knowledge in post-graduate programs of MBA, this is one of the best MBA colleges in India. The MBA admission process is built around GATE and CAT scores depending on the program you wish to study. This one also deserves a mention among the best MBA colleges placement-wise.

It is a government-owned institution and the course fees consist of rupees 11.33 lacs to 13.40 lacs. The institute ensures the highest package of Rs 58.24 LPA and the lowest package of Rs 19.77 LPA.

6. Regional College of Management, Bangalore

It is a globally ranked institute with course fees of rupees 7 lacs to 8 lacs. It ensures the placement of its pupils in prestigious institutions all over the world with a white-collar package.

The eligibility criteria remain the same and the placement is quite good with jobs in information technology, as well. The faculty is also noteworthy and they hail from all over the world.


No firm accepts a candidate based on only a graduate degree anymore. A postgraduate degree is worth millions in the work sector. For those who do not aspire or look forward to pursuing their stream further or are not interested in the technical field that they took in their undergraduate degree, MBA is the PG degree for them.

The choice of pursuing an MBA is a life-changing decision. The investment in this career choice would never go in vain if taken seriously. All the IITs, IIMs, and other top-ranked institutes should be prioritized for grabbing good placements and rich packages. Good internship in digital marketing, finance, operations, and HR translate into better final placements that eventually is one of the end goals for any MBA student. Getting admitted to one of the best MBA colleges in India is not always easy, but the journey is always full of knowledge and development.

Before getting into the field to search for work, proper education is very important. Without the knowledge of a certain subject, it is foolish to work on it. There are countless MBA colleges in India, but it is definitely worthwhile to work the extra mile and get into one of the best.

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