A Tiffin Service Business Model

tiffin service

Opening your lunch box after sitting in a cubicle inside and closed air-conditioned building will do wonders for your nose. The steam in the air, the spices unfolding, your colleagues asking ‘What did you bring today?’; all of this binds a lunch box experience. Tiffin service is a catering service in India that is as old as time and very well legendary and known for its punctuality and freshness. 

Here we chart out a tiffin service business model.

  • Capital 

As with other businesses, capital generation is important to get things started. According to existing data a tiffin service can be started by using Rs.10,000 for about 15 to 20 people, which increases as large scale as you plan your business. This includes money for cooking utensils, raw ingredients, cooking stations, etc. 

  • The Plan

Planning your tiffin service, you must remember, that this business is all about making large amounts of food with limited raw ingredients. The Tiffin service industry is a chain-like business with every next link depending on the other. You have to chart out your suppliers of vegetables and dairy products, along with understanding that these tiffins are for folks who live alone, and for better or worse, they depend on your tiffin for daily dietary needs. You must choose your vendors, your producers, your suppliers, your delivery people, your packagers, and everyone else very carefully. They must have technical knowledge that increases efficiency.

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  • A delivery system

A tiffin is only as good as the freshness of its contents and the duration of its arrival. Lunch breaks are monitored and usually around 30 to 45-minute periods. The delivery of the food after this time will not be desired. The customers rely on these delivery persons for their punctuality and their efficient handling of their food. Customers may choose to leave your service if the tiffins are late or if your food has gone cold. Do not flounder on the delivery system.

  • Marketing

Tiffin service is as good as the food they serve, nothing more, nothing less. Your food will do all the talking, and if that’s not the case, punctuality will surely keep your customers lined up. Marketing is important, you may initially have tie-up restaurants and hotels for your advertisements. However in recent years, due to the rise of social media, many tiffin services have transitioned to online advertisements. Whatsapp groups dedicated to these services with specialized messages of everyday menus have become increasingly popular. This online marketing helps in announcing any delays, introducing new lunch courses, and keeping track of your lunch box.

A tiffin service is an integral part of workers’ economy; they rely on it crucially for the foods they provide and the time they don’t lose out on.

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