Top 10 Electric Car Companies in the USA

electric car companies usa

People have always found inventive ways to move from point A to point B, whether it be in the days on a horse and carriage or today’s bullet trains and airplanes. The technological industry of various backgrounds is pushing the needle towards making even the least environmentally friendly industry more sustainable and green, and the transportation sector is no different. 

Here we will look at the top companies of the USA shaping the future of sustainable travel. 

  1. Tesla

Based in Texas, Tesla has a reputation for making the best EVs in the market today. With its innovative technology, it is known to produce high-quality vehicles with unique features. Their most popular products include Model Y, 3, and S. 

  1. General Motors

Based in Michigan, General Motors has over a hundred years of experience in the industry. They aim to create EVs that are accessible and inclusive with a flexible battery architecture. Their portfolio includes Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Buick. 

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  1. Ford 

Founded in Michigan, Ford is recognized for producing vehicles ranging from pickup trucks to plug-in hybrids. They believe in making affordable EVs with a variety of amenities. Their leading vehicle is the Ford Mustang Mach-E. 

  1. Nissan

Founded in Japan, Nissan has been in the EV market since 2010 with its all-electric LEAF, which was the first EV available on the mass market. The company is progressing towards adding another model to its portfolio in 2023 with the Nissan ARIYA. 

  1. Lucid Motors

Founded in California, Lucid Motors has a reputation for taking care of sustainability with luxury in its smart EVs. Their vehicles have a charging time of 20 minutes and have features such as voice control, advanced GPS technology, and mobile connectivity. 

  1. Faraday Future

Based in California, Faraday Future produces smart electric connected vehicles. Their first EV is the FF 91, which will be equipped to operate autonomously, will travel upwards of 300 miles per battery charge, and even have zero gravity seats. 

  1. Canoo

Based in Texas, Canoo develops personal vehicles and cargo delivery trucks. Their EVs have pioneering technologies and bold innovations in design. The company offers its EVs to both individual and corporate clients. 

  1. Waymo

Based in California, Waymo is a driving technology company that aims to make electronic vehicles a norm. It began as a division of Google, and its portfolio includes a ride-hailing service, Waymo One, and a self-driving shipping fleet, Waymo Via. 

  1. Zoox

Based in California, Zoox strives to make taxi services entirely dependent on electric and autonomous driving technologies. All of Zoox’s hardware and software are created in-house, and its vehicles are equipped with a 360-degree field of view, sensor lidar, and real-time computer technology.

  1. Forth Mobility

Founded in Oregon, Forth is known to manufacture accessible fully electric and hybrid-electric vehicles for personal and ride-sharing use. The company’s internet platform gathers information and specifications about vehicle range, horsepower, and other attributes while also giving customers access to price and rebate choices.

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