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founder of gomechanic

For many car owners, vehicle service can seem like a tedious and expensive process. This is because cars are an investment and very few individuals trust local, affordable mechanics with their personal vehicles when it comes to car servicing. This is where GoMechanic steps in, as it provides an accessible and convenient option for car servicing. The whole process is not only affordable but also highly transparent, with the customer getting to keep track of their vehicle. 

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GoMechanic is the brainchild of founders Nitin Rana, Amit Bhasin, Rishabh Karwa, and Kushal Karwa. They founded GoMechanic in order to address the growing concerns regarding car servicing and how there was a decline in quality regarding the same. The founders of GeMechanic have exclaimed about how unhappy and unsatisfied many customers were left due to high service prices and poor customer service provided by local garages, which initially prompted them to start working on GoMechanic. Rishabh Karwa works closely on quality and customer service, Nitin Rana works as the head of operations and provides productive insight in the context of car mechanics, and Amit Bhasin has been in the transportation industry for decades and his experience has been pivotal for the success of GoMechanic. Based out of Gurugram, GoMechanic offers quick and efficient car servicing services through an online platform. It connects car owners to trusted repair and maintenance technicians that can address their respective needs. 

Like any startup, GoMechanic went through a challenging period for the first six months as it was in the process of finding investors and gaining traction. It finally found success as it made a contract with Uber for approximately 2,500 vehicles in Delhi. GoMechanic went one step further and worked towards partnering with external service providers in order to train them according to the latest protocols and provide spare parts that are original and authentic. Moreover, it offers free pick-up and delivery services for customers within a five-mile radius. This has only helped GoMechanic grow in terms of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

The inception of GoMechanic is inspirational, as the founders countered any and all challenges they faced by conducting extensive market research and catering to the needs of their customers in an efficient manner. Since its beginning, GoMechanic has managed to raise a whopping sum of ₹35 crores and ₹105 crores from various investors that are intrigued by the concept of car repair, and the service is made available online in a convenient and hassle-free manner. 

The founders of GoMechanic have come a long way since, as GoMechanic now exists in major Indian cities and is known for its trustworthy and timely service. Moreover, the company is working actively towards embracing the future of electric cars and their service and maintenance.

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