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founder of SINI Designs

The other day we were searching for the definition of a women-oriented company, and the first thing that popped up was Sini Designs Pvt. Ltd. 

The founder of Sini Designs, Ms. Neetu Singh has made a company that is the epitome of a women-oriented company, and its complete structure is dominated by women. But, what is the company about? 

Sini Designs has worked hard and established itself as one of the leading Indian fashion brands and has a diverse selection of products, such as Sini Jewels, and Sini Lifestyle. Apart from that, the company also puts great emphasis on social work, through its corporate social responsibility division, called Sini Foundation.  

Ms. Neetu Singh saw an opportunity by observing the fact that numerous brands have good quality clothing, but lack in providing their customers with the right jewellery, or vice versa. So, she considered this and came up with a wide range of garments, complemented by an impressive line of jewellery. 

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The brand motto speaks for itself, ‘Inspired from India, crafted for the world’. As the company ensures that it can give the right platform to its talented artisans, by providing them with an international, as well as, a domestic market. Sini Designs exports its products all over the world, to almost 50 countries. 

The primary aim for this was to be able to showcase the talent and work of their talented artisans on the world stage and sell their clothing apparel and jewellery, to modern women all over the globe. 

Apart from that, every piece of clothing or jewellery passes through the company’s certified compliant factory, to ensure that all the products meet the quality expectations set by the brand. 

Now, let’s talk about the founder of Sini Designs. Ms. Neetu Singh completed her studies and was driven by her passion for working for underprivileged women. She always had an interest in fashion design and decided to train poor and underprivileged women artisans to polish and enhance their skills. 

By 2005, she had trained numerous artisans ready and able to showcase their talents to the world. So, she started to design fashion apparel and accessories to promote the works of those artisans, domestically and internationally. She soon realised the opportunities in this industry and equipped herself with a degree in Fashion Designing. 

It wasn’t until 2011, that Sini Designs was introduced to the world, in Birmingham, UK. She came up with the name of the company by using the short form of her own name. The brand has become an industry leader when it comes to garments and fashion accessories. They are very well known for being innovative with their traditional and contemporary products and are affordable to every section of society. 

Ms. Singh has been constantly working towards her commitment to empowering underprivileged women with financial independence. In over a decade, she has been able to provide a platform to more than 5,000 artisans from all over India a global exposure using Sini Designs.

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