Handsome: Crafting Beauty, Shaping Careers


Imagine the digital metropolis, where engineers and sales virtuosos claim their digital territories on Reddit and LinkedIn. Now, shift your gaze to the hidden enclave, the clandestine hub for beauty professionals.

Here, April Dominguez stands as the luminary, orchestrating a revolution with Handsome—a beacon that not only illuminates the path for beauty pros but also transforms the narrative of their careers.

April’s realization that traditional career platforms didn’t resonate with beauty professionals sparked the inception of Handsome.

It goes beyond being a platform, offering a vibrant and engaging app reminiscent of Depop more than Glassdoor—a community where beauty pros learn, connect, hire, and network. 

April’s mission is crystal clear: empower beauty professionals to elevate their careers, increase income, gain clients, and even open salons using cutting-edge industry insights.

With the beauty industry’s exponential growth, Handsome stands as a unique guide in this transformative journey.

The Approach

Welcome to the Handsome Oasis, a digital haven for beauty professionals. With its sleek app design and unapologetic ethos, Handsome stands out as a one-stop-shop crafted by and for industry hustlers.

Conceived in 2019 by April and her stylist-educator sister Nikki, the platform became a lifeline during the pandemic, experiencing a remarkable 1,000% organic growth.

It served as a beacon for stylists, offering peer support, additional education, and income avenues. Even as salons reopened, Handsome thrived, boasting over 5.5k weekly interactions and 35,000 users, including a quarter of NYC’s cosmetologists.

The Impact

Modern Salon recognized Handsome for raising about $2.3M in venture capital funding, a notable feat for a Latina founder in an industry where such achievements are rare.

April’s strategic approach and Handsome’s organic growth played a pivotal role in securing funds even during the pre-funding phase hit by the pandemic.

This summer, Google for Startups selected Handsome as one of the first recipients of the Latino Founders Fund, providing $100,000 in non-dilutive funding, Cloud credits, mentorship, and support.

With these funds, Handsome plans to amplify growth through its newest feature, Masterminds, bringing elite educators to teach techniques and build a strong community within the app.

The Handsome Win

Handsome’s impact goes beyond being a career platform; it’s about creating a digital community for stylists, who make up 90% of the beauty industry—66% being Black and Latinx.

April envisions Handsome as a transformative force, providing not just skills but also a sense of belonging for stylists who have historically been left out.

The app’s extensive content library, featuring masterclasses from industry giants, aims to empower stylists to create the careers of their dreams.

As salons and barbershops become tech-savvy businesses, Handsome emerges as a key player in digitally transforming personal care services.

Handsome caters to a diverse array of beauty professionals—32 professions, including makeup artists, nail techs, microbladers, massage therapists, and estheticians.

The app’s incognito mode allows users to ask questions they might be hesitant to post publicly, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment.

April’s mission is not just about building a product; it’s about serving a community that represents the diverse tapestry of the beauty industry.

As Handsome continues to evolve, it aims to be a beacon of transformation, reshaping how beauty professionals learn, connect, and thrive in an industry that is more than just about appearances—it’s about empowerment and community.

This is a Handsome Odyssey, where careers take center stage, beauty gets a makeover, and a digital community becomes the lively pulse of an industry filled with creativity, diversity, and unbeatable strength.

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