HealthifyMe case study

healthifyme case study

The world wants to live a healthier lifestyle. Everyone has that particular number they want to see on the weighing scale, particular jeans they want to fit in, and whatnot. The body goals list is a never-ending one. However, there is one problem. Not many people know where to begin. How to achieve their desired goal, and attain the body type they want. To tackle this very problem, the world was introduced to HealthifyMe.
Through this brief HealthifyMe case study, we will aim to understand the platform a bit better.

Let’s get started.

We know that India is very famous for its variety of food options. However, apart from being finger-licking good, they are very unhealthy. This is where the idea for HealthifyMe was conceived. The ability to track the calories in one’s food. It was founded by University of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduates Tushar Vashisht, and Sachin Shenoy. When the app came to market, there were already countless calorie trackers being used. So, what is it that made this particular calorie tracker successful?

The market lacked an application that was designed to specifically track the number of calories in Indian food. Thus, the idea to create a cloud-based application that would help Indians count every calorie intake without having to struggle to choose the right portion size was a hit. It helps its users reach their fitness goals through the support of trainers, yoga instructors, nutritionists, and the many wearable devices available in the market. However, as more and more people started using this application in their daily lives, HealthifyMe launched an inventory management tool. What this tool does is it automatically syncs up data and streamlines the orders and provides them with analysis reports about regular subscribed customers, best-selling products, and much more.

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How does HealthifyMe work?

By now we all know that the primary goals of the app are to act as a calorie tracker, help users to lose weight, track their diet, and have a strict exercise routine, all through their phones or laptops.
The app has three main components, they are:

  • A lifestyle tracker that was launched as India’s first calorie tracker.
  • A social feed that allows users to find and connect with people who have similar goals and issues.
  • Augmented coaching is a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and human trainers to help their users achieve their targets. As the platform uses AI with user data, it can also display their eating patterns and needs.

Once you start using the platform, you will find their AI, Ria, which is equipped to handle around 77% of all user questions, leaving the remaining 23% to trainers and nutritionists. However, even in that 23% of cases, Ria can make suggestions, but can not provide the actual answers.

In 2020, they also entered the mental health sector with HealthifySense. It gives users access to able and qualified consultants that are available on the HealthifyMe platform. Now they have made the move from being a fitness app to a complete health and wellness platform.

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